Status of Reference Application 2.9 release process

@mogoodrich the latest reference application runs on platform 2.1.3

Thanks @dkayiwa… I was just wondering based on the 2.0.7 Platform questions…

In other updates, I believe I’ve released all the modules assigned to be, excluding:

  • OWA module (not sure why this was assigned to me, though I can try to do it)
  • Core Apps module (requires Core 2.2.0-alpha release)
  • REST Web Services (requires Core 2.2.0-alpha release and @reubenv is working on this)

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich @reubenv and @dkayiwa for the updates.

Do we foresee any blockers towards meeting our deadline on the 30th November? There will be a presentation regarding @SolDevelo the PM call this afternoon so hopefully we will have concrete updates for that.

Thanks Cynthia


I should be able to handle my tasks, there’s just one module left assigned to me that hasn’t been released… however the Core 2.2.0-alpha release might be a blocker depending on @samuel34’s timeframes.

Also, there are some modules that are assigned to others beyond Daniel, myself, and Soldevelo. I know that @mseaton has a few assigned to him and he is visiting one of our site’s this week so may not have a chance to do the releases… I can try to cover for him, but it’s a rather busy week here as well.

Hope that helps a bit… :slight_smile:

Take care, Mark

To be honest I have been blocked by exams for today and yesterday. But I’m sure if factors remain constant, I must sleep after doing the release :flushed:

@mogoodrich Let me know if there are any that I can take up. I would love to assist with a few but unfortunately, I have been met by a series of blockers. Nonetheless, if you need help with any or maybe the ones which have been assigned to @mseaton, I can try taking them up.

Any updates with respect to these modules @SolDevelo ?

Not an issue @samuel34 , please let us know if you face any issues :slight_smile:

@samuel34 because of this can you also release platform 2.0.7?

FYI - I have released or verified any with my name on them. The only one I left a question about was the idgen module - better for @dkayiwa to weigh in on the status of that.

Thanks @mseaton for the update. The already released version (4.5.0) of the idgen module is good enough for refapp 2.9

The changes after that, are not complete to be released.

@mogoodrich @dkayiwa what do you propose regarding the event and fhir modules? Technically we’re supposed to be coordinating with soldelvo for this but I am yet to receive their stance on this.

The event module has a fix committed by @wyclif which i think we should release. The commits after the last release of fhir seem to be about the ongoing sync2 work. So i feel like we can just go with the last release of fhir.

Alright, we’ll go ahead as you have suggested then. Thanks!

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SolDevelo is working on the atomfeed module in order to fix it and didn’t change anything in the event module. Here are a ticket and a talk post for a context.

Regarding the FHIR module, we’ve made a release of FHIR 1.15.0

Thanks for the update @wbulawa . @wluyima did add a commit to the event module which @dkayiwa suggested that we should release. Hence, I’ve released a new version of the event module. I did notice the latest fhir update and also updated the ref app 2.9 issue tracking page to reflect the same.

Quick update : Reference Application 2.9 is now open for testing !


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Hi Everyone !

I trust the testing process is going well. When can we expect to release the application?

@reubenv could we start drafting the release notes and the blog we discussed in our last PM call?

I found a page on the wiki regarding release notes.

Could we then look at compiling a blog?

This is taking forever to finish. @c.antwi if @reubenv is no longer available, can i take over to finish the remaining bits?

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@dkayiwa , we’re almost done with the remaining part. I’ve been in touch with @c.antwi regarding the same. I was hoping to complete before the project management meeting tonight :slight_smile: . But yes, I do apologise for taking forever to finish

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@reubenv @c.antwi was a talk post made to announce the release?

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