Sync 2.0 Sprint 10 and 11 review - FHIR/Sync module extensions to support additional entities

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(Kamil Madej) #1

We’ve finished Sprints regarding FHIR mapping.

Sprint goal: FHIR/Sync module extensions to support additional entities

Sprint tickets:

The most important tickets connected with sprint goal :

Showcase videos : [

Wiki -

We’ve also made 3 module releases :

  1. FHIR 1.15.0 -
  2. AtomFeed 1.0.7 -
  3. Sync2 1.3.0 -

cc/ @abendor @simba @jslawinski @c.antwi @burke

Because of problems with demo servers (more info here - Configuration problem on sync demo servers) we did not organize sprint demo call in this week, however as soon as we fix the problems, we will organize a meeting with OpenMRS community.

Status of Reference Application 2.9 release process
(Daniel Kayiwa) #2

Thanks @kmadej for the update.

Regarding the demo servers problem and the sprint demo, aren’t you able to arrange a demo call using your local instances?

(Kamil Madej) #3

@dkayiwa yes, good idea.

Ok, so we will organize sprint demo call next week and if problems with demo still exist we will use local instances