Squad Showcase Oct 29: YouTube Video & VOTE for Demo of the Month!

Our monthly community show-and-tell is now on YouTube!

What did you think? What was your favorite demo? :point_right: take our quick Showcase Survey here - polling closes Monday :point_left:

Video & playlist with other videos shown in showcases:

  • OMRS Conference Updates: 2:06
  • Micro Frontends Squad: 4:59
  • COVID-19 Squad: 16:30
  • OpenMRS Academy: 22:01
  • Analytics Engine Squad: 29:49
  • QA Support Team Update: 42:25
  • Project Management Team: 43:00
  • OCL for OpenMRS Squad: 44:34
  • FHIR Squad: 54:51

Slides with links & more content: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SSuIKywA29bpbIdJJ0MekF_Q_KcbjwcIPYMmEMXY5-U/edit

Thank you to everyone who makes our monthly Squad Showcases possible! :smiley:

Our videos so far are getting 100-160 unique views on YouTube, plus 20-50+ people attending the call. Keep it up!