Demo of the Month Winners!

At the end of every month, we have a Squad Showcase, where teams in the community show-and-tell their recent work.

Based on the survey results, this month’s winner of Demo of the Month is:

:tada: The Microfrontend Squad :tada:

Congratulations, and well done on preparing your videos ahead of time.

To see their demo videos and other demos, have a look here:

Well done @jdick @eachillah @florianrappl @mksd @bistenes @dkigen @dkibet @samuel34 @ivange94 @nkimaina @mksrom


Congats MF squad team :1st_place_medal:

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On Thursday, 29 October, we had our monthly Squad Showcase. More than 8 squads and teams took us through what they’ve been working on since the last Squad Showcase.

This month’s the survey results tell us that October’s Demo of the Month winner is…the COVID-19 Response Squad!

Most recently, this squad focused their efforts on a more robust OMRS to DHIS2 pipeline that can be used for COVID reporting. @jayasanka led the effort to re-use and improve the existing DHIS2 Connector module so this solution can be used for COVID-19, HIV, and other issues as well. You can download the updated DHIS2 Connector module by clicking here.

Thanks @jayasanka @dkayiwa @ibacher and @grace for this important contribution to our community!

Here’s the video of the winning demo, courtesy of @jayasanka!

And click here if you want to watch the full Squad Showcase.


well done to all the teams that particpated :orange_heart: :heart:

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Well done @jayasanka and the entire COVID-19 response squad!

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Thanks all!! :heart_eyes:

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