Squad Leads: Get ready for OMR21 Annual showcase

Hey Squad and team leads:

The OMRS21 is fast approaching and with it the third and final showcase of the year.

In preparation for this:

  1. Compile your 2021 achievements and milestones.
  2. Identify plans for next year.
  3. Add a few bullet points and/or demos of the info gathered to your squad/team’s slides by Friday 26th Nov 2021.
  4. Register for #OMRS21 .

If you need to reference or borrow from the two previous showcases you have done this year, here are the links:

ATT : @grace @jdick @mksd @eachillah @ccwhite23 @ibacher @mozzy @gcliff @suruchi @ball @michaelbontyes @akimaina @bashir @christine @gracebish @herbert24 @zuzanna @jennifer @bstuder99


Hey Squad and team leads:

On Friday19 Nov 2021 at 6:30pm IST | 4pm Nairobi | 3pm Cape Town | 1pm UTC| 8am Boston | 5am Seattle I will be leading a prep and QA session on the annual squad show case.

If you need any assistance or questions, please drop in and I am happy to help.

Here is a calender invite you can add to your calender:

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Hey Squad and team leads:

The prep session is ongoing here: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Feel free to join.

Hey Squad and team leads:

For those who did not make for today’s session, here are some responses to some of the questions asked:

  • Presentation time : Each squad will have 10mins for their presentation.

  • Format of the presentation: If you are uncertain about your internet connection, you can record yourself or your demos and submit them as videos which will be played during you allocated time slot. You can also do an in person presentation and demonstration.

  • Presentation days: The showcases will be taking place on Dec 1st and 2nd with the exception of the Microfrontend squad whose presentations will take place on 29th Nov 2021.


Hey Squad and Team Leads:

A gentle reminder the squad showcases begin today. The following are scheduled to present today at 1:15pm UTC:

  1. FHIR Squad
  2. QA Support Team
  3. Dictionary Manager Squad
  4. Analytics Engine Squad
  5. PLIR

ATT @suruchi , @akimaina , @mozzy , @ibacher , @sharif

For tomorrow, the following squads and teams will make their presentation at 4:00pm UTC :

  1. Platform Team
  2. Website squad
  3. Academy squad
  4. PM Team
  5. Documentation Team

ATT: @tendomart , @zuzanna , @antoniomacheve , @marinachichava , @jennifer , @herbert24 @gracebish ,@grace

Ensure you have included your updates here: OMRS21 OpenMRS Squad showcases - Google Slides