Sprint announcement for Medibüro - helping refugees and others finding free health care providers

A week ago I asked for a few hints in the questions section and received kind words a few tips including to start a sprint with the relevant tickets.

So here are the tickets I just created.

I have created quite a few tickets for the providers and the appointments module. Maybe the tickets don’t end up making sense because their goal can be achieved easier within another module or maybe all this should be a completely separate module in itself. I don’t know. That’s why I would love to have some input from you and of course if anyone wants to help us create those feature either by modifying or creating some modules, or even just give us a few tips and hints, that would d of course be lovely and much appreciated.

Once I know whether the tickets actually make sense, I will create a sprint with the relevant and possibly updated tickets and sprint wiki page.

So far I am looking forward to your input, ideas and tips on how to improve this sprint.

Kind regards



For each of the tickets that you have created, can you set the Priority, Complexity, and Fix Version/s (version of the module in which this should be released)

Just in case you need to simply harvest the already implemented features from bahmni, can you take a look at this to see if already has some of the things that you are looking for? https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/x/m6YDBw

You can access the bahmni demo from: https://www.bahmni.org/demo

Or you can simply look at the bahmni appointment scheduling demo videos from: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6hTFy77jJ0dxhKeiA-Uy3A

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let me have a look at the videos for better understanding.

Bahmni does indeed seem to have an appointment module with the ability to add an appointment directly without going through an appointment block. It even seems to be the default behaviour but I appear to not have all the permissions necessary to check out anything provider or location related.

I searched for docker implementations of bahmni to have a better experience but the documentation for it is rather outdated. Luckily I found this topic: Requirements for Dockerizing Bahmni on the latest CentOS images And was able to acces it via

docker run  --rm --privileged --name bahmni_monolith -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro -p 443:443 -p 8069:8069 -d mekomsolutions/bahmni:emr_erp_919ac17
docker exec bahmni_monolith /tmp/start_bahmni.sh

https://localhost/bahmni/home/#/dashboard and https://localhost/openmrs/admin/index.htm

The superadmin user didn’t have the permissions for appointments so I gave myself appointment permissions and was able to play around a bit more.

And yes, at least the method of handling appointments is close to what I am looking for but still expects the user to check-in an appointment and I cannot filter for a skill set to find the best provider. So I’d say one could harvest some stuff for Allow booking an appointment directly without a previously created appointment block

Apart from this I couldn’t find any more features I am looking for. But maybe this helps a lot already :innocent:

I have added this to the ticket and will add my personal magic estimate of complexity and priority.

As for the fix version part my default answer would be 2.9 as it is compatible with the docker image openmrs/openmrs-reference-application-distro:2.9 (or even 2.10 if an official docker image in the pipeline?) :slight_smile:

Hi @pjost, also note that Bahmni’s appointments feature is currently being ported to work within the Ref App. See Running Bahmni Appointments scheduling on OpenMRS

Having said that Bahmni might be your distribution of choice anyway, depending on your requirements obviously.