Sorting out the 2.3 (perhaps 2.3.1) release

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS 2.3 Release - milestones:


It looks like things got released a little out of order. The Reference application is released as 2.3:

however, there are still unreleased modules:

The reference application module should be the last module to be released and the Reference Metadata Module version should match the Reference Application version. We may need to update the release process page to make these points.

We will probably need to release Reference Metadata Module as 2.3.1 (when we get the CIEL update from @akanter) and then release Reference Application as 2.3.1.

The Chart Search module should obviously not be a snapshot either. We think it should be the 1.4.1 release.

Please chat with @wyclif about this if you have any questions.

Thank you for all your help in getting this release out! :smiley: We should do an after action review when it is done to make sure any lessons we’ve learned this release are applied in the next release.


Hello Dev’s! :smile:

Released 2.3.1 version of openmrs-module-referencemetadata to Maven.

As there have been many discussions going on, on the version number.

I understand it is best to be 2.3.1 :smile: Hence, released as 2.3.1.

Also, Updated distro pom for chartsearchVersion to be 1.4.1

Thanks @tharunya.

Do we have a target date for the Reference Application 2.3 release?

/cc @darius @wyclif @jthomas


Apparently, there is this bug in 1.11.4, which is a blocker to 2.3, so we can’t release it before we get it fixed. - as Wyclif says.

However, on UAT - Reference Application 2.3.1 will be deployed soon today along with a post on talk to let the community know and try out! :smile:

I don’t see anyone assigned to Is someone working on this? How are we proceeding to get this taken care of?


I think the 2.3.1 release should go on with the 1.11.4 platform as per my response to the thread:

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