Slow Sync between EMR and OpenERP issue - How to speed it up?

Hi team, I got an issue and i need support please:

When selecting lab orders and press “Save”, these orders take up to 1 min delay to get displayed in OpenERP. However, the sync is instant to OpenElis.

Is there a way i could speed up the sync to openERP and make it lower than 1 min? Same thing for drug orders, I added the “Open Quotation” button to the drug selection page and I have to refresh openerp a couple of times in order to have the drugs added to the patient’s openerp bill.

I was looking at the “” file and I was wondering if there is any parameter and I would change and which services I should restart to apply my modifications.

Thanks team

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This is a duplicate of the post you made yesterday (that I moved to the #software:bahmni category): How to sync from EMR to ERP faster?

I guess it’s also the same question you ask here: Faster registration and billing process for small clinic

Please don’t repost the same question multiple times, this does not make people more likely to take the time to help.