Simple Lab Workflow support

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@ddesimone, can you share with @slubwama our short-term plans for addressing lab orders through to results entry, including some support for basic lab workflows? It would also be good to discuss with the community whether this functionality might be able to be included as optional components of the orderentryui owa or whether we would need to put it in a different owa.


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Sorry for the delay, @mseaton, @slubwama

Our plan is to:

  1. Finish/clean up functionality to order labs and drugs
  2. Add basic widgets to display drug and lab orders on the patient dashboard.

After this, the plan is to provide support for simple lab workflow:

  1. Lab Results Entry
  2. Full Lab Results Display page (including showing results trends)
  3. Lab Reception support (patient lab “check-in” and printing of labels for vials)
  4. Lab Sample preparation (simple indication that lab has been collected)
  5. Basic workflow for sample non-conformity (e.g. rejected samples etc…)

Hope this helps! Dave

hello @ddesimone any updates on the OWA.

@slubwama not sure how much detail you are looking for, but we have started working on the OWA… it’s still very early and not much to look at now, but we hope to have it complete, or at least an MVP, in the next couple months:

How to get OWA, I tried from github but failed, is there any way to share it.

How did it fail? You should be able to get the code from github link @dailyshelter… however, I wouldn’t expect it to run yet, it is still a work in progress.

Thanks for the reply and update.

Hi @mseaton, we’re (@tahira, @shujaat, @ahmed14) developing a module for simple lab tests, and it is in its last phase.

We haven’t moved it to OpenMRS’s GitHub. You can find it here:

The documentation is missing, but the basic flow goes like this:

  1. A user creates lab orders and specifies which test to perform
  2. If the test requires specimen samples to process, the next step is to enter sample collection info
  3. Lab results are entered

This module is dynamic (attribute_type + attribute combo) and allows users to create new test types and their respective fields.

We are planning to add this to module library soon. Might wanna check this one out too…


@owais.hussain, very interesting - thanks for sharing!

I’m curious to learn more about your use case and how this module has evolved. Did you build this from scratch or did it borrow / evolve from either simplelabentry or the mdrtb module’s DST / Bacteriology entry functionality at all?

I’d love to see some screenshots and learn more about what kind of a distribution you are building this for. It appears that you have written the UI in jsp - I assume this is plugging into the legacy ui?

I’d also be interested to learn more about your data model and design - particularly when you made decisions to build independent tables and data elements vs. using existing ones (eg. to model specimens, lab tests, etc.)

Thanks for sharing! Mike

FYI @mogoodrich, @ddesimone

Hi @mseaton, sorry for delayed response. We built this from scratch after looking into simple lab entry module. I’m not aware of MDR-TB module thought.

We can arrange a demo for you. This module is ready to be moved to OpenMRS (just the documentation and a few unit tests remaining).

Please coordinate with @tahira and @ahmed14 to setup a call for demo. I may join as well, depending on time.

@mogoodrich what the status of OWA?Its not creating dist directory that contains the zip to deploy it on webApp module.

Will you please share mock object by which I can get idea how to use your module.There are some methods missing in swagger documentation as well.Will you please your module is completed?