Sign Up for ETL/ELT Stand Up!

This year, we’ve seen multiple discussions about various ETL/ELT solutions. Most recently, @burke shared a vision that calls for a community ETL/ELT solution that multiple implementations can use.

We’d like to set up a time in the next couple of weeks for a stand up where anyone in the community can present or demo work-in-progress, present ideas or designs, and/or share experiences and opinions.

If you’d like to sign up to do a demo or presentation, please respond to this thread with a title and one-sentence description.

To help us find a time, please share your availability via this Doodle poll. @burke @akimaina @jdick @bashir @mksd @alalo @aojwang @ibacher @dkayiwa @mseaton

Thanks @jennifer for setting this up. Following up on the discussion in the FHIR squad meeting, I can definitely talk about my ideas about a potential ETL/ELT solution in this stand-up (both based on FHIR or directly on OpenMRS data model). If the prototype I am working on is in a presentable form by the time of this meeting, I will definitely showcase that too.

I am eager to hear more about other folks’ work related to ETL/ELT/Analytics. Specifically what @akimaina described on this thread sounds like an interesting and concrete piece of work to talk about; also AMPATH’s older ETL solution and the experience using it in production.


Thanks @bashir for working on this. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the designs you come up with. I think we can choose the latest date available in the pool to give you ample time to work on this. I’d be happy to help fast track if you need any help.

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