Setting up Surgical and other OPD procedures

I’m attempting to set up surgeries and other OPD procedures. I’m wondering is the standard way to add it to order a blessing, like Lab Orders and Radiogy Orders?

I need to allow the Doctor to select the procedure, CSection and the have it tie back to the cost for billing of a C-SECTION in OpenERP. I’m not finding this documentation but I think it should be a standard request?


Hi @dnelson,

  • Please follow Bahmni WIKI- Order Type Config to configure new Order Type and then
  • Follow Bahmni WIKI Order Tab Config to setup Orders Tab with the new order type created. This page is written considering Lab order/ Radiology Order as example. You can follow the same steps to configure for a new Order Type. For synching the Order to ERP, below steps need to be done.
  • Set up automatic creation of Product in ERP for the Concept of Order Type created in OpenMRS or Create Manually the Product but make sure the Uuid is same for the concept and the Product. [Will update you more on this clearly.]

It is also important to distinguish which concepts you are using. Procedures can be ORDERED, PERFORMED and BILLED. There are different concepts for each. For example, a Chest x-ray (PA/LAT) is ordered, a CHEST X-RAY, 2 VIEWs might be the performable procedure and that the billable is close to what was performed. Just make sure you are setting up your concepts correctly and have the correct maps to reference/administrative codes.

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