Serialization xstream version in 2.3

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Serialization xstream i think should be at version 0.2.7, is there a compelling reason to bump it to 0.3 for 2.3?

The main reason I think we should release a new version of serialization.xstream is that we have never released a version that supports platform 1.10.

E.g. this commit is unreleased:

Actually we should be ensuring that the module supports anything new in Platform 1.11 also!

But that commit appears to only contain changes for tests and really adds no value to what gets released

Oh, I see. I had only looked at the commit message and not the content.

So, if none of the 10+ commits in serialization.xstream since its last release have any functional changes, I guess we don’t need to release it for this refapp release.

That said, are there any data model changes in Platform 1.11.x that should require changes to serialization.xstream? Or at least new tests?

The database change tickets are:

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The way i understand how serialization module works, those changes don’t affect it, it has converters that mainly just look up things by uuid regardless of the structure. But the test data is sensitive to data model changes, so i will downgrade the module version back to 0.2.7

I think there is other commits in the module e.g to support hibernate 4 which for sure we don’t need since we are running 1.11.x, the other change is this and am not sure if we need it: