Seeking a Co-org admin for the 2016 Google Code-in program

Hi all,

I’m reaching out to the community to seek out applicants for the role of GCI Co-org administrator for 2016.

GCI is somewhat akin to GSOC for high school students. Instead of one large project per student, GCI allows students to work on multiple smaller tasks of various complexity. Also, tickets are diverse, and not just limited to coding based tasks. You may read more about the program and timeline at:

We’ve participated in GCI for two years, and excited to continue!

Speaking personally, its a very rewarding program - you get to work with high school students who are figuring out their next steps, so its a wonderful opportunity to make a real impact on folks who we’ll have to work with professionally within the next ten years :wink:

The GCI co-org admin role is a wonderful role for anyone who wants to grow their administrative and mentoring skills. Its a seasonal task, and you need to be active only during the program. Also, you’re expected to ‘grow into’ the role, meaning that you’ll learn what to do from me/others as you go!

To apply for this post, please PM me directly before Friday next week (28th Oct.) and explain,

  • Who you are
  • Why you want to apply for this role
  • Why you think you are suited to take on this role

We’d (of course) encourage applications from those with previous experience participating or mentoring in GCI or GSOC!


Hi! I’m Chaitya Shah, I was a grand prize winner with OpenMRS in GCI two years ago, participated in GCI for 2 years, been involved 1 year as a mentor (2 including this year). I want to apply for the role because from what I can tell, it is an extremely rewarding experience. The org admins do a lot of what makes GCI amazing, and I want to be a part of that. I think I’m suited for the role because I learn very quickly, I’ve had plenty of experience with the program, and I’m willing to handle the responsibility. Thanks!


Wow - that’s awesome @cshah! I’m so impressed!


@surangak or any body else who knows, how far did this go? The fact that Suranga is very busy makes the co-org admin even more important for the program to be a success! And we already have a very qualified volunteer - @cshah!

@dkayiwa I will be co-admining for the program. I’m super excited!

Oh great! :smile: @cshah so are you in position to answer this? Update to Developer Guide

Lots of work waiting! You have to ask all mentors to get tasks ready :slight_smile:

Regarding the tasks, we have a good amount ready here: We will definitely need more, so the next week will be spent preparing them (I’m currently finishing up some work at school before my holiday break). When the contest opens (on the 28th) we will only need 75 tasks total (including duplicates of the tasks we have already). As the contest progresses, we can continue to add more. I’ll chat with @surangak and we can get started on adding mentors to the GCI platform and get our 75 tasks ready for next Monday. :slight_smile:

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Very useful feedback! Thank you so much. @cshah :smile:

Awesome! I’ll prepare some and let you know! :smiley:

anyone here is responsible for manually adding gci mentors onto the gci website!!!

I guess we all must have received the GCI Mentor email! So @cshah, should we start adding tasks from the GCI Dashboard or what’s the deal? How are we syncing it with JIRA?

Hi @bholagabbar, working on this now. Please see my msg on Come be a mentor for Google Code-in!!! :slight_smile: Also, @cshah is currently on a plane, would you like to help me set up tasks on the GCI website? :slight_smile:
Please feel free to ping me on telegram or whatever :slight_smile:

@surangak Sure! I’ll ping you in a while. I have an idea on how we can setup the tasks easily on the GCI website. Let’s discuss

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