Sample of the drug order module interface in cohort builder

Hello everyone,

I am Millicent Njuguna, an Andela apprentice working on the cohort builder module as a developer. I would like to add the Drug Order component in the new cohort builder that we, Andela apprentice developers and I, are developing.

Questions I have been trying to understand what it does and this is what I understand so far: this component is used to search and group patients according to the drug(s) they use. However, I need more details on the following:

  1. What is Drug Regimen?
    • What do these options mean? Current Drug Regimen All Drug Regimen(s)
  2. Where does one get a list of the drugs in: Patients who stopped or changed a drug?

With the details I have, below are screenshots of the interface. Kindly have a look at it and give me your feedback.

Thank you.


I went through this cohort builder OWA in module-ref app.

Shall we concentrate on some of this OWA alignments?

  1. Fieldsets (text box, combo box, and text areas) are not properly aligned. If they contain the same length, that will increase the user impact

  2. Better to keep one text area in the horizontal alignment (you can reduce the height)

  3. Can we change “type here” to some use full message?

  4. Search and Reset buttons seems only for Reasons(s) for stop/change :-p Can we move to right of the OWA?

Awesome, thanks for the feedback @suthagar23 . I will work on that. Do you know the purpose of the drug regimen label?

I havn’t proper knowleadge about drug regimen label. As far as I know, It is a drug safety information for patients and providers. (look here)


In the OpenMRS OWA, We haven’t include those topper menus for the actions. Suggestions for this purpose will be

  • Use buttons instead of this topper menu

  • Create a home page with sub page Icons and use it to redirect to the page

@dkayiwa What about your ideas about this?

@millicent did you get a chance to look at this? How to get list of Reasons why people stopped using drugs