How to get list of Reasons why people stopped using drugs

I’m currently working on the new cohort builder and I’m working on how to feed data from the database into the drug order fields. I have made API requests to get all drugs and drug generics but I don’t know how to get data for Reason(s) for change. Is there an API I can call for that or is there something I need to know? Below is the image of how things look so far.


Just to help you in future regarding how to find out where the old module used to get these, These were displayed here:

And fetched here

Meaning that it expected a concept named: REASON ORDER STOPPED This would be of class: ConvSet Data type: Coded Then have the answers as the reasons for change.

This definitely is not the best way, but for now, you could just do the same (that is make a REST call to get answers for that concept), and create a ticket for replacing the concept name hard coding with a better alternative.

Yes. I’ve gotten it. Mission Accomplished. However, I think we need to look at how to make it easier to retrieve resources like this

Do you have any suggestions regarding how we could make it easier?

@femi, in between the time the original screen was written, and now, the Drug Order Entry API in openmrs-core was completely rewritten.

So, you may actually need to modify this screen to reflect what the new API lets us query for.

I would consider just removing the “reason for change” in the first pass at this, and implementing it in a second pass.

@darius are you saying the form should look like the image below for now without the “reason for change” field?

I don’t fully understand what you mean by first & second pass