Running out of tasks

It seems OpenMRS is down to 34 tasks on melange. It may seem like a lot, but 15 of these are repeats. All but 2 of the remaining 19 are Once-Per-Student tasks. Those two exceptions are pretty high level tasks (and there are only a few of them remaining), leaving no tasks to do/redo for beginners. In this last week I think it would be a good idea to add a few tasks, maybe from some of the ideas on the tasks thread. Let me know what you think. @sunbiz @surangak

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I think we did decide that we want to take the GCI students to the next level. We dont want people to continue doing basic tasks towards the end of the GCI contest. Thus, the only tasks that remain or atleast the ones that someone who has already done a basic task is a complex, high-level task

@sunbiz Thats awesome! My only concern is: the only higher level tasks that I havent completed yet are GCI-64, 65, and 66… And I plan on taking a stab at each one, if they dont get claimed first. And a few level 5 tasks isnt really enough to fuel the fire of openmrs’s top competitors, so let me know what you think!