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So @derekarani asks a good question that some of us may have ideas about. If someone is brand-new to development, what are some good tips and learning resources to get started?

  • (e)Books?
  • Online training courses?
  • Project ideas?
  • Blogs?

Please share things that you’ve found that might be helpful to learn programming, especially for people who want to eventually do development for OpenMRS.

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Is updated? it was a good compilation when I last checked it out

I think it is out dated but @sunbiz was going to start organizing our educational resources.

However here I’m thinking about more basic resources too, just learning programming generally. :slight_smile:


Yes, those are quite dated, but have useful concepts that can be taken forward. Especially related to information management and health data.

For learning Java and programming in general, I’ve really liked the “think” series of greenteapress books for different languages, stats, R etc. For Java here it is -

There isn’t a helpful free resource available for Spring hibernate like a class. There are some expensive ones that do a good job of covering all the important aspects like

But I wouldn’t want these for us. So I’ll edit/remove the links, if linking them from here sounds like endorsement. I am in the process of making coherent material on the topics, so that someone can go through those like a weekly class. Be part of a regular seminar, self-learning labs, concrete course outcomes etc. I know it will take sometime getting it done, but I’ll take resources from open-source course which I’ve already taught and can use as a substrate to customize with OpenMRS

1 Like seems to be having very necessary tutorials that can do the hack on technologies such as Java EE, Ajax, and Android Training, Consulting, Books, & Resources JSF 2, PrimeFaces, Android, Java 7 or 8, Ajax, jQuery, Hadoop, GWT, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, RESTful Web Services, HTML5, JSP, Servlets, and More

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Here are some excellent tutorials for learning how to code:

Some of them only take an hour, and some are more in-depth. But they’re all designed for beginners.

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@sunbiz , I am aware that some educational resources are coming underway for OpenMRS and would like some advice on how to go about an OpenMRS software development training for some software developers interested in OpenMRS. Is there a software developer track? And also advice on tasks that can be performed over and above a ‘hello world module’ that would ensure that people get to interact with various aspects of openMRS


I am still in the process of developing a curriculum based on a set of coursework that can prepare someone for starting out as an OpenMRS developer. The developer track has some aspects that overlap with the implementers because they need to understand some health informatics concepts to develop stuff in OpenMRS. In particularly, what I’ve been able to formulate is a hierarchy of coursework/frameworks that can be done by the Developers/DevOps:

  1. Elementary programming with Java and JavaScript <============> Github, JIRA, and project workflow
  2. Web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript <============> Maven and Tomcat
  3. Database development with relational databases <==============> Unit testing, Mockito, CI and Nexus
  4. Spring, SpringMVC and Hibernate development <===============> AngularJS, GSP, licensing
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I would like to use materials of to teach online courses to Students from Southeast Asia in Healthcare IT. I wonder where can I get permission to use them to teach the Healthcare IT online courses. Or, there is no need to get permission to use them? Please let me know. Very Respect to all and thank you in advance.

Hi @everyone :slightly_smiling_face:,

This is such a great thread for beginning OpenMRS developers: to get assistance and directions with regards learning and resources :smiley:.

With the expertise and experience of the present dev2/dev3/dev4/dev5 , sharing the resources useful in development would reduce the pain many fresh developers go through trying to anchor themselves in code. I believe there are enormous reserves of resources including wiki if only they could be posted here.

Best regards.

@ruhanga would you like to take the lead in gathering these resources in one place? Or even more broadly, something like this?

Given the guidance, I would like to @dkayiwa :slightly_smiling_face:.

This would actually fit in well with the idea discussed in this OpenMRS course on udemy for new Developer/Learner topic

Am suggesting more resourceful info could be wired into this doc . . . .

cc: @dkayiwa