OpenMRS course on udemy for new Developer/Learner

I was thinking to create a course on udemy for the new comer to learn and understand the openmrs as a developer or implementer.Most people preferred to learn from video courses and recently this is very popular approach.If some one is interested in this idea, please go ahead and do something for the community.I know this require lots and effort but you can earn money as well.If you want to sell course on udemy platform.

If you need some help,I am willing to help any body who is going to create this course.



Great initiative! Do you think you can create one, to show the community an example?

Yes,I need help from the experienced person like you to set the contents of the course and then we can create a team of 3 to 4 member who can collabrotes to create course on openmrs.

Do you think you can start with the little that you know, then i review and add more details?

Good initiative @naveed1228. Can you please create a Google doc with some initial modules for the course? So then It will be easy for reviews and we can get more feed backs from others as well.

That’s a great initiative @naveed1228 :+1: , how would this be different from the OpenMRS University initiative we have though?

Sorry for the late response.Sure I will create the google doc as I get some free time from routine work and will share on this thread.

Yes,hopefully I will create the content draft and share it with you.

Sounds great @naveed1228 ! I myself landed on this post when searching for a Udemy course for OpenMRS. I drafted some ideas for a course content (please note that I am just starting with OpenMRS):

Introduction to OpenMRS

  • What is OpenMRS
  • Why OpenMRS? (short background/history)
  • OpenMRS Community
  • Communication and development tools
  • How to contribute (roadmap and growth path)

OpenMRS Architecture

  • OpenMRS layered architecture
  • DataModel
  • Modules

Development environment set up

Dev guidelines and good practices

Create the first module

  • Types of OpenMRS modules
  • Create a basic OWA module
  • Create a basic platform module
  • Create a basic reference app module

Write tests for OpenMRS

Mini project - Case Study 1

Mini project - Case Study N

OpenMRS resources

  • Wiki
  • OpenMRS University
  • etc.

Great intuitive again :slight_smile:

I would like to have a separate courses for

  1. OpenMRS Module Development
  2. OpenMRS Open Web App Development

Awesome! :smile:

@tmvumbi would you like to get started on this?

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Very happy to hear of this initiative!

tl;dr: let’s keep improving our Getting Started page and our Developer Manual as we go

We want to continue to have a simple answer for engaging new developers: pointing them to our Getting Started (aka wiki page. So, if we develop useful new courses for new developers, please make sure they are discoverable from that page.

Also, we have an OpenMRS Developer Manual (aka book that is directly editable and hosted at openmrs/openmrs-book-developer-manual. If, in preparing a course, you find this book (or the Getting Started page) outdated or in need of change, please feel empowered to update them and, if you don’t feel you can update them, please let us know why so we can help.

For example, a course (or courses) that follow along with the Developer Manual (i.e., provide a richer step through the sections of the developer manual) would be awesome. For example, I think you’ll find similarities in the structure of the Developer Manual and your suggested content. Allow me to be clear: if, in developing a course, you find a better way/order to present the material that is easier for new developers, please feel empowered to help apply those ideas to improve the developer manual. :slight_smile:

/cc @maurya


I’m keen to participate in such project @dkayiwa. I am currently learning OpenMRS; I can start by going through the resources available for new developers (thx @burke for the links). The next step could be to hopefully contribute by suggesting possible improvements based on my experience. The ultimate goal would be to plan and create video contents + mini-projects that make it a little easier to get started with OpenMRS dev.

Please find below a quick brainstorm of a course structure on OpenMRS Dev with a focus on extending the reference application. This is by no mean exhaustive; the topics, section grouping and order can certainly be improved (please feel free to shout).

COURSE OVERVIEW: the key objective of the course is to equip a developer to confidently customize and extend the reference application. This is not a detailed course on implementation, but it will touch on how to configure OpenMRS (it’s important to know what’s available before attempting to do dev). The course focuses on how to implement actual use cases from the field. The development of the core platform is out of the scope of this course.

SECTION 1 – Introduction to OpenMRS

  • What is OpenMRS (quick overview on health informatics, EMRs and OpenMRS)
  • Why Open MRS (background and context where OpenMRS emerged, why it thrives, etc.)
  • OpenMRS Community (and values)
  • Resources and communication tools
  • Why and how to contribute (roadmap and growth path)

SECTION 2 – OpenMRS Overview

  • OpenMRS flavors (quick mention of other projects based on OpenMRS platform)
  • Introduction to the reference application
  • Installation of the reference application
  • Quick demo of the reference application (main flows)
  • Extend OpenMRS through modules (quick demo + pointer to a list of available modules)

SECTION 3 – OpenMRS Architecture

  • Layered architecture
  • Data Model
  • Modular architecture

SECTION 4 – OpenMRS configuration

  • Updating metadata; process to get new concepts added to OpenMRS, etc.
  • To code or not to code? (note on how to know when it is necessary to write code vs configure OpenMRS or re-use an existing module)

SECTION 5 – Configure development environment

  • OpenMRS SDK: installation and basic operations
  • Configure eclipse
  • How to set up remote debugging
  • Etc.

SECTION 6 – Extend patient registration

  • Add new fields without coding? (not sure if this is possible)

SECTION 7 – Introduction to module development

  • Types of module; when to use what
  • How to create a basic platform module
  • How to create a basic reference app module
  • How to create a basic OWA module

SECTION 8 - Introduction to form entry module

  • How to install the form entry module
  • Add concepts/observations to a form
  • Add UI components/widgets to the form (through tags)

SECTION 9 – Dev new page (including the extension of the DB)

  • Back-end & front-end components: liquibase DB script, DAO, Service, Controller, JSP/GSP
  • Demo creation of a basic page for each CRUD operation

SECTION 10 – Create widgets for the dashboard

SECTION 11 – Create configuration pages

SECTION 12 – OpenMRS Security

SECTION 13 – Create reports

SECTION 14 – Internationalization and localization

SECTION 15 – Customize look and feel

SECTION 16 – Practical implementation project

  • That helps practice all the sections of the course

Okay I’m new here but this is useful. If it’s followed. Could you include a section where you teach in simple terms the importance of the learner working as a team member, I’ve just seen. The importance of this.

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I am so impressed about this initiative, I will be very happy to enroll for this course without haste. Could we have the direct link to this course.

Thank you @lufafa for the interest in this. Meanwhile, there are past video casts to learn from about openmrs including design discussions from the link below on youtube.

You may also want to watch out for events on the OpenMRS University that aim at capacity building and even take on an initiative to improve it.

wow thanks @ruhanga im gonna be taking time to study every detail. thanks again

@jwnasambu @ruhanga @gcliff lets look at this too

Hi were you able to develop the course? Do you need help? We have a whole documentation review process ongoing and it would be great to get an update on this .

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