Release of REST WS 2.33.0

Hi all,

Hooking up the recent committers to see if everyone is cool with releasing REST WS v2.33.0, @dkayiwa, @kdaud, @saurabh, @jonathan?

And I see that

Cc @frederic.deniger

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I have no objection on the subject!

The ticket is refactoring the module to ensure quality within the code base and this may not put on hold the release. We can change the fix version of the ticket to 2.34.0 !

No objection.

@kdaud it is generally not a good practice to just put a fix version on any ticket, before it is committed, because it creates a maintenance burden for release managers who have to keep bumping versions whenever they are releasing and the ticket is not yet done. But of course there are exceptions for cases where you are simply saying that this must be fixed in this particular version.

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I’m fine with this being bumped to the next version. Especially since it might need some reconsideration in light of FM2-433. Might be better to align REST and FHIR on this point.

I didn’t know this before but now I have known given the explanation above! Thanks @dkayiwa for the good piece of information on the subject and always correcting me whenever there is a need.

Thanks all, 2.33.0 release was triggered here: Rest Webservices - Rest Webservices Module - Release to maven 1329: Job result summary - OpenMRS Bamboo