Registration Core module release for OpenMRS 2.3

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS 2.3 Release - milestones:

I’ve still got the htmlformentry+ modules on my to dos. Hope to get them tomorrow.

Are we trying to do the releases “bottom up”, so that each module depends on the latest versions of it’s dependent modules?

Also, fwiw, I’m doing work on registrationcore right now… so probably not a good idea to release them right at this moment… hopefully they should be ready later in the week… I can probably do those releases as well.

@mogoodrich if you are doing some work on registration core and you don’t want that to be included in the next release, i think you should be working from a branch so that we can release the module in the status without your changes. And you are right, each module has to depend on released versions of all its dependencies before we release it.

@wyclif okay… I had a few changes that went in registration core today that should be ready for release. However, I will hold off on the the rest of my changes until the release is complete, so we should be good to go.