Reference Application 2.9 Testing

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(Reuben Varghese) #1

Dear all,

As we all know that the next version of the reference application is already long overdue. That being said, we are now reaching the final phases of the release process and have successfully released all modules that will be included in the Reference Application 2.9 distribution.

However, before going ahead with the final release, we have one final phase of testing to go through. For this purpose, the OpenMRS User Acceptance Testing server located here, has been updated. For your reference, kindly check out the list of modules along with their versions that are going to be included in the final release here.

For your reference, kindly check out the list of modules along with their versions that are going to be included in the final release here.

I request all the community members to kindly test the modules out and especially urge the module developers to test their respective modules out thoroughly so as to ensure that the release goes smoothly.

The testing period will end on 25th Jan 2019 and should there be no major bugs reported, the final distro will be released the following weekend.

Thank you for your cooperation :smile: !

EDIT: Please use this notepad for reporting your bugs and thanks for your cooperation!

cc: @dkayiwa @burke @mogoodrich @mseaton @darius @ssmusoke

(Dimitri R) #2

@reubenv @ssmusoke any reason why Attachments was not added to Ref App 2.9.0?

Cc @mogoodrich (you made a 2.0.0 release but there is no associated tag on GitHub).

(Dimitri R) #3

@lilian @amine @jesplana FYI release 2.9.0 is coming close. We should start upping our modules as most (if not all) of the Ref App modules have been released by now.

(Reuben Varghese) #4

Hi @mksd , the reason for attachments not being part of release is because it was never brought up in this thread or in any of the meetings that I attended.That being said, there might be a way to still include it in the release but I’m not sure how.

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #5

Thanks @reubenv :slight_smile:

SysAdmin v1.2 is perfectly working with Ref App 2.9.0 with these new features and fixes,

  • Live Log Viewer
  • Restrict the user actions using web admin properties - [SAD-20]

cc : @dkayiwa

(Dimitri R) #6

I’m not always being hooked so I sometimes loose track of people’s discussions but look here: Reference Application 2.9 - Ideas and Thoughts

Actually you asked the question and nobody seemed to have reacted. The bottom line is that Attachments 2.0.0 should be ok to go with Ref App 2.9.0.

Cc @ssmusoke

(Stephen Senkomago Musoke) #7

No objections from me for having attachments 2.0 in Ref App 2.9.0

(Daniel Kayiwa) #8

Can some body create a ticket and pull request to include it?

(Reuben Varghese) #9

@mksd Ah I see, I did forget about that discussion myself. Nonetheless, I will get it included in the release. The module does not seem to have been added to OpenMRS AddOns yet, would you be able to make a PR to include the same?

(Dimitri R) #10

@reubenv it’s actually there but under its former name:

  "uid": "org.openmrs.module.visit-documents-ui",
  "type": "OMOD",
  "name": "Visit Documents UI",
  "maintainers": [
      "name": "Dimitri Renault"
  "links": [
      "rel": "documentation",
      "href": "",
      "title": "GitHub ReadMe"
      "rel": "source",
      "href": ""
  "backend": "org.openmrs.addonindex.backend.Bintray",
  "bintrayPackageDetails": {
    "owner": "openmrs",
    "repo": "omod",
    "package": "visitdocumentsui"

So can I just submit a PR that renames this item?

(Reuben Varghese) #11

Sure @mksd. Actually, since it’s already there, I’ll make the changes myself and save you some trouble :smile:

(Cynthia Antwi) #12

@reubenv We thank you for all your efforts in getting this far.

(Reuben Varghese) #13

Just made committed the changes here . Do feel free to add any changes to it.

My pleasure @c.antwi (we are still left with the final release though :wink:). My apologies for having missed the past few meetings(thereby not being able to keep you up to date with the progress/blockers) .

(Reuben Varghese) #14

@dkayiwa , since we have removed the logic omod from the Ref App distro, shouldn’t this also be removed?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #15

Yes it should be removed.

(Reuben Varghese) #16

Alright @dkayiwa, I’ll create a PR soon :slight_smile:

(Dimitri R) #17

:+1: it looks good to me, thanks @reubenv,. Now what about including the dependency in the distro project? Can this be done quickly as well or it requires a ticket + PR… etc?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #18

Yes it requires a ticket for documentation purposes.

(Mark Goodrich) #19

@mksd re: attachments release… looks like I made the tag locally but forgot to push it up, I just did so, thanks for double-checking!

(Cynthia Antwi) #20

@reubenv How are you doing? Are you having any blockers or is there any activity during this testing process where I can assist to expedite the process?