Consolidation of Module Versions for Release with RefApp 2.9

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Dear all,

As we all know that the next version of the reference application is scheduled for release by October end. To facilitate the same, I have created a wiki with the list of modules schedules for release here. I would request all the maintainers of the respective modules to kindly update the module versions with the latest stable one that would be included in the Ref App 2.9 release. Also, if your module is not there on the list(and it is ready for release with RefApp 2.9), please do add it to this section.

cc : @ssmusoke

I would expect the module versions to be consolidated by 25th Sep so that I may work with the infra team to deploy the latest version of each module to the test servers. Thank you for your cooperation :slight_smile: !

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I think that OAuth module works fine with Reference Application 2.x. Can we plan to have OAuth module in the list too?

@mavrk what do you think?

Cc : @harsha89 @maany @dkayiwa

@reubenv Can you add the versions of the modules and link to the wiki for the module version tracking document for the release

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We need to increase the code coverage before we can release it as part of the ref app @pkatopenmrs

Ok… I hope we do that before the next major release :slight_smile: :smiley:

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@ssmusoke , I have added the link to the wiki (with an anchor to the exact location ) in the above line. However for further clarity, is the link and the version numbers are listed in the table given there.

On a general note , it may be seen that in the above link, all the versions are followed by “TBU” which stands for " To be updated". So , I would request the module Devs to replace that whole text with the latest version that you would like to include in ref app 2.9 and to remove the TBU. I would also urge the module Devs to use for tracking your pending issues. Please do update this document with your pending issues and the version numbers of the modules. You may use for reference.

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