Reference Application 2.5 Release

Hello, Everyone

We are starting the intensive phase of work for releasing Reference Application 2.5, our first reference application version that will be built on OpenMRS Platform 2.x. More details here OpenMRS Reference Application 2.5 Release Management .

We need all module owners whose modules are included in the Reference Application to release new versions of their modules (or confirm that we should use an already-released version) within the next 10 days, by Friday September 9.

We also need you to ensure you have pulled the latest transifex translations into your module(s), so they are included in the Ref App 2.5 release.

(As part of RA-1000 we will automate this, but for now it’s a manual step.)

Once you have done the release, or decided what existing version to use, please update this Release Tracking wiki page .

Thanks everyone for all your hard work! Regards @taremwatadeo


By the way, do we have a link explaining to developers how they should pull the latest transfix translations into their modules?

Am not sure about that, possibly @darius would help on that

Can we be sure to discuss the concepts that are being used in the 2.x platform and reference application? Will there be any change from the 1.11.x method/content?

@akanter same exact concepts as the ones we used for reference application 2.4 that runs platform 1.11.6

@akanter I doubt we have any fundamental changes in Concepts, the key thing is to have a version of CIEL that can pass the current validation rules, last time i tried to import an MDS package from the latest release of CIEL there were some duplicate concept names in Vietnamese, was that addressed?

We hope to get this automated in CI, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.

So, what you need to do is:

  1. install the transifex client
  2. Go to the directory of your module (assuming it’s already configured, and listed at
  3. Run the command tx pull
  4. Verify that things have downloaded, look sane, and push these changes up to github.
  • if it didn’t download all the translations you might need to try tx pull -a

In addition, you should check whether your module has been translated into languages that your module doesn’t mention in its config.xml yet. If so, you should add the new languages.

There are directions on how to do this here, as well, but they might need to update:

@wyclif, @dkayiwa, @raff, @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @k_joseph, @bharatak, and @darius

You need to decide ASAP what version of your modules you want to have included in Reference Application 2.5, and update this wiki page.

This should actually be quite easy: it’s either (a) the most recently released version, or (b) the version that you’re imminently going to release.

You can (and should!) update the wiki page even before you take time to release a new version (if that’s what you want to do).

@taremwatadeo has graciously volunteered to be the Ref App 2.5 release manager. Let’s support him!


I have no plans to imminently release any modules, so from my perspective the latest released version of any of the modules I am listed for are fine. But it would actually be worth digging deeper into some of these and determining what commits have happened since the last release in each, and whether these commits represent things we’d like to release in 2.5. Those who made the commits would be worth communicating with.


Thanks for the quick reply @mseaton!

I especially think that @dkayiwa and @jdegraft should comment on many modules: basically if you modified any module to make it work with Platform 2.0, and there’s no release version yet, then you should note this in the wiki page (e.g. “need to release version x.y to work with platform 2.0”).

I did a lot of the initial testing of compatibility with the modules and tried to upgrade them. However many required big changes and @dkayiwa took over from there. He is the best person to comment as he got all the modules working on platform 2.0.

I have reserved time for releasing the modules I’m responsible for tomorrow, together with adding Concepts OWA to 2.5. I’ll review the list as well.

BTW over the last 3 weeks we were working on QA for Reference Application. As part of that we added a lot of UI tests. We now have 32 tests and the number will slightly grow by tomorrow, when the sprint ends. As part of that we fixed a number of bugs in RefApp modules.

There are still two bugs described at and, which need to be assess and probably fixed before the release.


In general we don’t block a reference application release if we discover a bug that has previously existed. (I was able to reproduce this on, and also there’s a workaround.)

So, we should fix this, but it shouldn’t block releasing refapp 2.5 on schedule.

I have updated the versions for allergyui and ref app modules and also removed allergyapi since that was moved to core.

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FYI, Concepts OWA is now included in the Ref App 2.5-SNAPSHOT.

I think I’m done with all modules I was responsible for.

Thanks @raff for the great work

We have now automated this step. As of now, all the module translations in transifex are being automatically pushed into github via our bamboo server. Therefore you no longer need the transifex client, and in fact you don’t need to do anything.

If you waited this long without releasing your module yet, it’s your lucky day, you can now release it (without worrying about pulling in translations).

For those who already released module versions intended for Refapp 2.5, and who forgot to pull in the latest translations, please release another version.


That is very cool! Thanks @darius and @cintiadr!