OpenMRS Reference Application 2.5 Release Management

OpenMRS Reference Application releases are different from OpenMRS platform releases. Platform releases usually consist of alpha, beta releases and have Sprints to complete tickets in a short span of time. OpenMRS Reference Application is a collection of modules and hence its release consists of releasing all the modules planned to be included in the release and testing if all of them function collectively.

OpenMRS Reference Application 2.5 runs on Platform 2.0. Below are the modules which are to be considered in the release 1 Admin UI 2 Allergy UI 3 App Framework 4 App UI 5 Appointment Scheduling Module 6 Appointment Scheduling UI Module 7 Atlas 8 Calculation 9 Chart Search Module 10 Core Apps 11 Data Exchange 12 EMR API 13 Event 14 Form Entry App 15 HTML Form Entry 16 HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS 17 HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration 18 HTML Widgets 19 ID Generation 20 Metadata Deploy 21 Metadata Mapping 22 Metadata Sharing 23 Provider Management 24 Reference Application (RA) 25 Reference Demo Data (optional) 26 Reference Metadata 27 Registration App 28 Registration Core 39 Reporting 30 Reporting REST 31 Rest Web Services 32 Serialization Xstream 33 UI Commons 34 UI Library 35 UI Framework 36 UI Test Framework

Other modules that will be included

  1. FHIR Module
  2. OWA
  3. Concept Management OpenMRS OpenMRS Open Web App (will be included in RefApp 2.5)

NOTE: This is not the final list of modules that will be included as some may still be removed and others included

The release for OpenMRS Reference Application 2.5 is scheduled for september 2016.

This is to call upon all module owners to confirm whether your modules meet the standards for release and for those who still have some bugs in the modules that need to be fixed before the release ,should then work around to keep in the timeline.

All those who would want their modules to be included in the Ref.App 2.5 and they have not been mention should also get in touch with the release management.

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