Reference Application 2.12.0 released

Today we announce the OpenMRS Reference Application 2.12.0 release!!

It’s built on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.4.0 and includes updates and different bug fixes. This time round, we did bundle the spa module. Please see the Release notes Release Notes 2.12.0 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki for more information. As always, if you find any bugs, feel free to report to our ticket tracking system .

You may download this release using from the source forge OpenMRS - Browse /releases/OpenMRS_Reference_Application_2.12.0 at

With this release,

• We had alot of security fixes within our legacy ui module

In a special way i would want to thank cc @sharif @jwnasambu for their tireless effort in achieving this Release.

I want to also thank the qa team for all the efforts, cc @kdaud @christine

Special thanks to @dkayiwa for his tireless efforts and ensuring that we have a stable release process through his support in different ways.

Thanks also go to Joseph Kaweesi who was also supporting the process before he passed away (RIP),i must say this got me breaking down so many times!!!

And to all the developers, testers and the contributors, thanks for the amazing efforts in making this release possible.Lets even save more lives!!!

Kind Regards

Yiga Herbert

Release Manager RefApp :2.12.0


congratulations @herbert24 :pizza: well done for this milestone

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Congs @herbert24 tis been a lengthy journey

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Congs and thank you

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Congratulations @herbert24! thanks for being resilient to the end.

Congratulations @herbert24 .

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Great work deserves appreciation, kudos @herbert24 :fireworks:

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Congratulations @herbert24 and the entire team.

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Thank you so much @herbert24 for this post and of course for being the Release Manager! I know you personally went through a lot of conversations and fixes to get to this point, so a special thank you to you. :bouquet: Thank you @sharif @jwnasambu @kdaud @christine @dkayiwa for all the coordination and fixes and support you gave to make this happen - thank you for keeping our product moving forward! :pray: :flight_departure:

Remember @sharif how many headaches this caused last year! :joy: Whew. Getting this officially “out there” is a nice milestone to have completed.

I especially appreciate the careful eye that @sharif @isears @ibacher and others have had to help us address and improve our security. I’m so, so thankful for each of you and everything you do.

I would also personally like to say a huge thank you to our friend @k.joseph. Joseph, I wish you could see and experience what this release was like. Your and @christine’s vision of a QA Dashboard and a QA framework that really helps us out and makes a difference in times like these… well, your vision has come to life, and 2.12 is just the first step. Even now the fruits of your labor have helped the team to get this release tested. We miss you so much and we really remember you.

P.s. - for those who have not seen it recently - look at all these automated tests running against the RefApp! This is so different to our experience last year where we were staying up late working through manual tests on spreadsheets. (Live dashboard available anytime here: openmrs-contrib-qaframework/ at master · openmrs/openmrs-contrib-qaframework · GitHub)



Thanks @grace for your work too towards making this everything advanced, we really appreciate your hard work, Thanks to gsoc team for improving security vulnerabilities, For qa, wow qa support team have done an amazing improvement with stability ,test coverage , maintainability of refapp2.12. What am sure of, its more elegant than the formar refapp 2.11 because it have quite number of improvements.Thanks @herbert24

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@herbert24 was the RefApp standalone version 2.12 published successfully on site?

well the actual place is let me re -check again with @zuzanna thanks @kdaud

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@herbert24 did you confirm from @zuzanna that RefApp 2.12.0 standalone version was published on the download page?

cc: @grace

Nope, it’s not. Could you send me details so I’ll publish it?

Am sure @herbert24 is the right person with the required details. And I think the version that need to be published is RefApp 2.12.2 following security advisory at

cc: @dkayiwa @ibacher

Excellent catch @kdaud. We should definitely incorporate website updates into our Release SOP. @zuzanna there are a few things I’m not clear on so I will work with the last release manager today to update our website; then I’ll reply here to explain how to do it in the future.


oki doki, @grace

hi @grace pinging you about this on slack

Quick update: we updated the website within 12hrs of my last post. I’ll follow up as soon as I get time to explain how to do so.