Reference Application 2.12.0 released

thanks grace

congraturation goes to all team members and @herbert24 for the effort . I @Josephkagimu joined not so long but feel great for our Projects, I wish to put much effort for the next release …

thanks @josephkagimu1 for joining the community you can always have your text unbold as you keep learning around the community

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@herbert24 do we have documentation for this version of the reference application? The latest that i can find is for 2.11.0 Reference Application 2.11.0 - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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Looks like we just have release notes for 2.12.0 and 2.12.1: Release Notes 2.12.1 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

@dkayiwa the documentation for this was updated to 2.12.1

@herbert24 can you share a url to that documentation?

ohh hope i am not missing some thing i see we also have Release Notes 2.12.0 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

Am not looking for release notes. But documentation. Just like the link i shared for 2.11.0

no we do not have one