Reference Application 2.10 UI testing sprint!

In an effort to put out the release of reference Application 2.10,we here by announce a testing sprint for reference application 2.10 UI. We are testing the bootstrap which was added to see whether it works fine and nothing breaks.The sprint is expected to run until Thursday 21st of this month.Different members of the community are kindly called on to help in the testing and they will do so by following the test scenarios as per this document Also,the testers are expected to populate the out comes on that same document.We are to hold several calls with the testers so as to discuss what has worked and what has failed and all communications will be on this thread.The link having the application being tested is For comparisons ,you can look at this Still,you can include the snippets of the UI as you might need to explain more of your result on this thread.we will be here to provide any support.For any questions,kindly put them on this thread.We cant wait seeing you on this sprint. @mozzy @ssmusoke @gcliff @harisu @dkayiwa @ayesh @jwnasambu @christine @jennifer @janflowers @sharif @dev2 @dev1 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 @odorajonathan @lufafa


Great work @herbert24

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we will be having more time here to track and fix every thing that will be failing as per the tests cc @ayesh @christine

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Thats cool @herbert24

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Good work @herbert24

please let us know if your participating in the sprint

Am participating in this sprint @herbert24

@herbert24, does this link work very well

its down i let me reset it

kindly let us know if your participating in the sprint

try to refresh and see!!

@herbert24 i will perticipate

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hello @herbert24 @mozzy

When you check in the patients dashboard of the reff app 2.10 under ’ General Actions’, the widgets are not well aligned as seen here


compared to the one in reff app 2.9.0


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@mozzy @herbert24 also the cancel “X” icon is missing under the Find Patient Record textfield as seen here

compared to the one in the reffa app 2.9.0 down below


Unfortunately , the server fails sometimes when run in chrome with this error , In case any one gets it , you can try fireFox or IE. I havent yet investigated deeper why the server fails in chrome sometimes, The only challenge is , some of our widgets do no function nomally in IE and Fire Fox

Well done @gcliff , However you please remeber to report your finding on this wiki page .

@herbert24 can you include and clarify that in your post ?? Thanks. We need to be able to track down all issues on the wiki

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we want the testers to include there names as tests made as per this doc We shall also track and populate the wiki,

try to include your name and tests made plus comments as per this testing document, we can also include other tests made here on this thread,we are tracking each and every point cc @mozzy

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@mozzy so far,we are having three volunteers and we expect them to fill this ,they can also add there tests here as we track every thing.Other wise well done @sharif @gcliff @lufafa we will be glad to continue getting different tests made by you as we continue with the sprint

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thanks alot we have captured this!!

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