Reference Application 2.10 Module Release Tracking: Deadline 19-october-2019!

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Hello Community , as we approach the Release of Reference Application 2.10 , I would like to announce the Initial Release Deadline for all the modules to be included in this release as 19th October 2019 !

Below is a List of Modules and their corresponding current / SNAPSHOT versions. We therefore urge all module owners / maintainers to release new versions of their modules (or approve usage of the existing version/s) within the next few days so we can strike the targeted release schedule.

Please see and update the wiki page that tracks the module release. I would expect the module versions to be consolidated by 19th October 2019 so that I may work with the infra team to deploy the latest version of each module to the test servers. Thank you for your cooperation :slight_smile: !

Reff App 2.10 Release Manager

cc @c.antwi @herbert24 @reubenv @k.joseph


@mozzy Thank you for making this post. Looking forward to the updates.

@mozzy I don’t understand why there is a mix of released and snapshot versions in this list.

What are we supposed to do with the released versions?

i think as long as the mentioned version is the latest of the module in question and has been tested to work well with others in this reference collection and platform, no work is left on such a one. the upcoming QA work will make it easier and automate to deploy and test modules together prior to a release

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@mksd , to supplement on what @k.joseph has said , you can confirm the version by updating this wiki page here , that is putting the confirmed version in the “version” column ,and also place a tick icon ( :white_check_mark: ) in the “Bintray” and “addons” Columns to confirm that module version is released to those repos. You also update the “Ready” Column with the owner/maintainer’s name who has released/confirmed. example see this page

@surangak are you still the owner of this?

You may also note that the mentioned version here (as per the reff app distro) , may not necessarily be the latest version of the listed module. The owner/mantainer/any other dev may suggest a later version. So thats why we need the release of all the SNAPSHOT versions and the confirmation of the fully released versions

Just a reminder that we have only this week to have all these modules released cc @mogoodrich @dkayiwa @mogoodrich @mksd Rowan Seymour , @mogoodrich ,@darius @tgreensweig , @mogoodrich ,@yony258,@wyclif @mogoodrich , @wyclif @mogoodrich , @darius , @wyclif @burke , @darius @alexis.duque , @wyclif @mvorobey @wyclif , @darius @mseaton , @dkayiwa @k.joseph @dkayiwa @cioan , @mogoodrich and @darius @raff @darius,@dkayiwa,@wyclif and vinay @wyclif ,@raff ,@mogoodrich, @darius @surangak @darius ,@raff and @wyclif @mseaton,@mogoodrich ,@darius ,@Dave Thomas ,@ball @mseaton ,@mogoodrich and @darius @wyclif,@Justin ,@darius , @mseaton,@mogoodrich @mseaton , @mogoodrich , @darius @wyclif ,@dkayiwa and @teleivo @bwolfe ,@burke ,@dkayiwa ,@tmdugan ,@nyoman @mseaton ,@Rowan Seymour, @mogoodrich @raff , @Mikko Suniala @raff ,@bryq,@mogoodrich, @darius @mseaton , @mogoodrich, @Dave Thomas @sunbiz ,@raff and @dkayiwa @mogoodrich ,@wyclif @wyclif and @darius @dkayiwa @darius , @wyclif ,and @raff @wyclif ,@darius ,@dkayiwa, @raff @mogoodrich ,@wyclif SNAPSHOT @wyclif, @dkayiwa @mogoodrich @darius, @mseaton @dkayiwa ,@wyclif,@mogoodrich, @raff , @darius , @mseaton @mogoodrich, @dkayiwa , @raff @wyclif , @mseaton and @darius @mseaton , @darius and @mogoodrich @mseaton, @bwolfe, @wyclif , @mogoodrich @mogoodrich , @wyclif , @darius @mogoodrich , @wyclif , @darius @dkayiwa

@mogoodrich ,@darius and @Rowan seymour @wyclif ,@darius , @dkayiwa , @raff @bwolfe @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @raff @sumangala28

Just a Reminder to the module owners who release a new version /approves usage of existing version, please dont forget to update the wiki page to be able to track which new module versions have been released or existing versions approved
cc @dev4 @dev5

@mozzy A suggestion that came up in the recently ended PM call was for us to look at the Github repo’s of the respective modules and pick the latest that’s there, in the interest of time.