Reference Application 2.10 Module Release Tracking: Deadline 19-october-2019!

The blocker is, we do not yet have a wiki page with details of each and every user interface aspect and functionality of the reference application that was manually tested, together with the results for each of them.

cc @jwnasambu @herbert24 @irenyak1 can we team up and document all the UI testing that was done ?? we can start with the document @herbert24 created Thanks
cc @christine

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@mozzy are we going to fill the sheet that @herbert24 created or we are creating a wiki page?

Thanks @irenyak1 , i have created the wiki page here which we can use to fill out . Thanks

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NB , Functionalities would include

  • Page responsivenes
  • Buttons and all widgets behaving as expected

@mozzy to add on @dkayiwa 's comments,we need to bootstrap the whole reference application cc @ayesh

Hi @dkayiwa , @mozzy , @herbert24

@herbert24 yes I think we should do it.And kindly let me know the conclusions of the meeting regarding this.And are we going to proceed it on the old ref app ?

That would be very fine , however , we should first focuss on what has been done already ,and resolve any thing that breaks, thats why we need a full testing of every single page


I agree with you.I think making the old ref app will take some time.Shall we remove it from this release targets if possible?

cc @dkayiwa

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Sure , For this release , we are foccusing on the work that was done , and resolving anything breaking

seems adminui is already released, am not updated about registrationapp. is it ready to be released. BTW, we have a remote one click release support using bamboo!