Ref App Registration App Birthdate Field Behavior

When registering a new patient on the ref app once the exact date fields have been populated estimated date fields are disabled and can not be re-enabled. Is this the intended behavior or a bug? I understand that it is somewhat unlikely for a user to fill in the exact date only to realize they have the wrong date and want to change to an estimated value instead but it is still possible. One can easily verify this behavior on the demo server

FWIW we were doing a demo for a hospital in Nigeria where the participants asked the exact same question. Like I said although it may seem like a far fetched scenario we are proposing to change this behavior to cater for it in case it happens.

Any thoughts on this ? Or should I simply go ahead and create a ticket for it?

Looks like a bug to me, so yes you can go ahead and create a ticket.

Done RA-1507