Ref App 2.10 Planning , Ideas, Features and RoadMap : We Need Your Input

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Week! To start off the week, we wanted to share with the community some of the initial thoughts around features for the Ref App 2.10 RoadMap .

For this release our focus will be on stability and improving performance where applicable.

As always we are keen to hear from the community ideas that could be included in the next release:

  1. As an implementer what do you want to see in this release - what are your top 5 asks?

2.As a developer who is customizing and extending Ref App - what advances do you want to see?

  1. As a user, hospital, health facility, doctor - what do you want to see in the next release?

The approach for 2.10 will follow similar methodology as 2.9 to help focus the value proposition. We aim to have 4 big features and 5 small features. Based on review of existing sources the following list of potential features was put together:

Our Big Features are:

  1. Implement Complete Condition List
  2. Using Open Concept Lab (OCL) with Reference Application: integrate Andela front end with back end
  3. Inclusion of Growth charts from CDC/WHO

Standard / Smaller features :

  1. Review of module implementation - speed startup, do we need all modules (consolidation of modules), deprecation of others

  2. Performance upgrades

  3. Update documentation to expose all features that are available

Please do share your ideas thoughts to help us grow the RefApp by March 27 2019. This thread is to call upon everyone to share their thoughts, needs and suggestions over the next 2 weeks, to help drive the prioritization and planning.

cc @ssmusoke @chris @wanyee @mseaton @mogoodrich @jdick @mksd @mksrom @ggomez @gschmidt @paynejd @ball @christine @akanter @terry @burke @janflowers @maryrocheleau @darius


There are other feature suggestions from previous discussions such as :slight_smile:

  1. Offline Capability from Mekom Solutions post found here Reference Application 2.8 Ideas and Thoughts

  2. more patient summary widgets for the clinician dashboard (more flexible graphs for multi-variables and log)

3.standard logic for handling forms – don’t allow a followup form until the intake is completed

the above 2 and 3 were proposed by Ellen ball in this conversation here: Reference Application 2.9 - Ideas and Thoughts

  1. Data Warehousing from the last 2 Scrum of Scrums

What do we think about these features too?


are you focusing on this discussion about inclusion of growth chats from CDC/WHO?

@k.joseph Yes.Thats the one I am referring to

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@c.antwi Thanks for capturing many of my suggestions (dashboard widgets, growth chart, logic for which forms are available). These would be universally useful to the community.

It would also be useful to the community to easily allow vaccination history (edit/view) from the RefApp dashboard. There are several ways this has been done. The community is welcome to harvest the PIH vaccination code or improve on that.


Hey Everyone

We have now finalized the list of features that will be included in the upcoming release of Ref 2.10.

The list can be found here

Thanks to everyone for their input