Growth Chart in RefApp

Has anyone implemented growth charts in OpenMRS RefApp? It’s about time. I’d like to see a weight/height graph on the clinician-facing dashboard with a link to the growth chart appropriate for the patient’s age (0-24 months OR 2-20 years old) and gender (female OR male).

The last module was built by Rita Cuckovich for OpenMRS 1.6-1.7:


i remember as if we wrote something like that some years back, not sure it fits what you are looking for:,,

There was a SMART on FHIR Application namely Growth Charts App which we ran on reffApp with the support of OAuth module. I am not sure if that’s what you are exactly looking for!? :slight_smile:

@k.joseph @prabodhk Thanks much, guys. You are fantastic! Could you send more details (ie. URL of demo system and/or screenshot)? I have access to a iSantePlus demo system, but don’t see this. I don’t know anything of the Growth Charts App on RefApp, @prabodhk. The OAuth2 module page says “TODO add all related videos and documentation here:wink:

Hey @ball sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Actually we have integrated SMART apps support in our OAuth module. SMART on FHIR applications are basically healthcare applications which use FHIR resources to provide services.

The list of currently configured and tested SMART applications can be found here. One of the same is the Growth Chart App. A good demo video of the App is available on youtube here.

I don’t know whether you are looking for similar thing? I have shown a demo about how to run SMART apps from within OpenMRS here (Growth Chart small demo at around 2:00 mins).

I just thought telling you everything I knew about Growth Charts related to OpenMRS. :slight_smile:


Prabodh (@prabodhk )

dear @ball, am not sure if the isanteplus demo is still running and don’t even remember its url, @nathaelf or anyone from the team could advise! but since you have mentioned that you access access to iSantePlus demo, check under overall actions for “Growth Charts”, and click there to load the page which would be at something like, http://localhost:8080/openmrs/isanteplus/{id}

let me know if this helps! Kind regards

This is great, @k.joseph ! I saw the iSantePlus page, but it wasn’t obvious how to see the graphs – likely since my French skills are limited :). There are various growth charts for CDC and WHO. So much great work by Haiti, iTech, and many others. We need to share more of these stories and code.

@prabodhk - Thanks for the details. I’ll check out the video and details now.

Now it would be a positive move to bring this into the mainstream for the RefApp.

Greatly appreciated, gentlemen


Hi @ball , Now I need to get the exact solution that you came up for this , since we would like to include the Growth charts in Reference Application 2.10. Finally what worked better for you ?? it the Isante-module or the SMART Growth Chart App ?

@mozzy Partners In Health hasn’t had a chance to integrate growth charts into OpenMRS. My previous review preferred the iSantePlus approach since it was already integrated in the RefApp patient dashboard, looked good (matched the style), and allowed for viewing various graphs (WHO, CDC, etc). I did watch the video of SMART apps, but didn’t see any integration with the RefApp. Surely that’s possible. Both are likely excellent approaches, but no reason to battle here. If you do add it to the RefApp and package it up, we’ll be delighted to add to our implementations. Feel free to reach out to discuss more. Keep posting about your progress.

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Hi @ball, thanks for the reply. for further discussion , you can please join this talk thread as we want to cocnlude down on this issue .Looking forward for your submission.