QA Support Team Call 2020-11-03: Guest Speaker Asa Dotzler, founder of Mozilla Firefox QA

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A gentle reminder we have a QA team call today and on every Tuesday 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle . All community members are welcome to join the call and be a part of the team that sets up the QA framework for the community.

Note: This week we have a guest from Mozilla and he will be talking about how he set up Quality assurance for firefox. The call will be on zoom on this link:

Below is the list of questions that will be discussed:

  • QA Process at Mozilla Now
    • How does QA work at Mozilla now? What’s his role related to the QA Team these days?
    • What’s the rough breakdown/proportion of Static, Unit Test, Integration Test, End to End testing?
    • How are releases handled from a QA perspective?
  • How to Find and Maintain QA Volunteers
    • Where did you find 50,000 people? Who are they, what do they bring to the table to start with?
    • How do they keep those volunteers really engaged?
    • How are they used right now? What do they do? Different tiers?
  • Setting up a sustainable OSS QA Program
    • How did you get the QA program to run on its own, without you?
    • Challenges you experienced setting up the QA program, and how you handled them.
    • Share key best practices in QA that are guiding the way forward for you at Mozilla - or that you would like to be guiding the way forward!
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Here’s the full recording from our call today with special guest Asa Dotzler, founder of the Mozilla QA program:

If you’re short on time, here were my two favorite brief clips (each ~1 min long). Here he speaks about what the shift in focus from relying on manual community testing to automation meant for mozilla organizationally:

“Automated Tests have been a life changer”

“Why automated tests have been so helpful even for their non-technical QA volunteers”



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