Provider scheduling on appointment module is blank

I am getting a blank page on Appointment scheduling on Provider scheduling page when selecting a date to appoint providers. Previously it was working fine it just started reacting like that recently. Openmrs provider scheduling - I am using Openmrs v 2.0.6 and Appointment Scheduling Module 1.9.0.

Are you able to reproduce it with a different browser?

The above error was from mozilla firefox but I still get an error with google chrome. OpenMRS scheduling appointment error1 -

Are you able to reproduce it at?

I can open it on Openmrs test server

The url in this screenshot looks different from the ones before.

This is from the openmrs link you have send.

Can you share the equivalent screenshot on your server?

The screens that I get are like the above ones. One is from Mozilla firefox and the other one is from google chrome.

The urls are different. One has seheduleProvider while the other has appointmentBlockCalendar.

Sure the first page I produce on openmrs test server was different. I have run it again on the openmrs test server.

Can you show the equivalent form for your server?

The equivalent form on my server is the one that does not open. OpenMRS scheduling appointment error1 - Pastebin.come768d0f7a5b937012ec69e1eb6708b9b376928fa_2_690x294

Can you make it point at the same url as the one for qa-refapp?

Let me show you the pages I get from openmrs test server and from my server. These pages I get them from provider scheduling pages when I select a date from the calendar. Openmrs provider scheduling log file -

When I select a date from my openmrs on provider scheduling page i get a blank page

Which version of the legacyui module are you running?

Legacy IU module 1.4.0

What is the value of your setting/global property named dashboard.header.showConcept?

dashboard.header.showConcept is 5497

Temporarily change the setting/global property named log.level to org.openmrs.web.controller:debug

Then reproduce the problem and send a new link of the logs.