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I’d like to propose this design call:

Title: An OpenMRS Distribution focusing on Cystic Fibrosis

Description : We are a team (the Representative of Iran Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Association) with high creative performance, working on clinical data of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) professionally. Our focus is on design a platform (CF package) for patients and providers to help them and improve the quality of life of this group of patients. CF package includes some main parts such as professional registry; monitor and follow-up of patients; correlative analysis on image, sequencing (NGS), transcriptomics, proteomics, and fluxomics; predictive analysis based on correlative analysis via machine learning, expert systems, and intelligence artificial algorithms. Any developers or technical implementers with experience and opinions regarding the adoption or retirement of programming languages, modules/distributions, platforms, or standards/conventions are encouraged to join.

Goal: We are looking for feedback from the community on our project, so that we can continue to improve it before building an interactive prototype.

Required attendee(s) : All interested. if available: @darius, @c.antwi, @jthomas, @mksd, @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @ssmusoke, @burke, @dkayiwa

Desired timing: February 18, 2019

Thanks, Najme

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Title: OpenMRS Strawman UX Mockups

Description: Building on the conversation started by Burke, this Design Forum will review a set of UX mockups with the purpose of using them as a strawman to start a discussion in understanding how they do / and do not fit the needs of implementors who are interested in working together on a first version of a shared OpenMRS UX application.

These mockups build on the work @jteich and @tgreensweig have collaborated with in understanding modularity and how to design a flexible EHR system. The mockups present a lightweight flexible application paired with a powerful and highly customizable workflow builder that drives much of the UX.

Requested attendee(s): @mogoodrich @mseaton @jdick @ssmusoke @chris @burke @mksd @dkayiwa @k.joseph @darius @c.antwi @terry @janflowers @paul @jennifer @bistenes @atlcto @angshuonline @akanter

Desired timing: next available


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I’d like to propose a topic for Wednesday next week.

  1. Topic: Improve performance of Platform
  2. Description: The release process of Platform 2.3.0 is already under way and there is a desire to improve platform performance as it grows. There are no tasks yet to address this as can be seen on Platform 2.3.0 Roadmap, feature number 8. This design forum will help create tasks for improving platform performance so that work by the devs towards achieving this can commence.
  3. Desired Attendees: @ssmusoke, @burke, @mksd, @dkayiwa, @mogoodrich, @k.joseph, @mseaton, @darius, @c.antwi, @jennifer
  4. Desired Timing: 6:00 PM UTC on Wednesday 17 April
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  1. Title. Modular Frontend Architecture for OpenMRS

  2. Description. What if we had a lightweight modular web framework allowing components or even full apps to run as a single page application? What if you could combine your implementation’s bespoke or Bahmni front end with a module from another organization or country? At OMRS18, we dreamed of many How might we…? scenarios including finding a path to a common application framework. An amazing future for OpenMRS proposed a pragmatic approach of having multiple organizations collaborate on a shared frontend to solve a real world need. Exploration of that proposal led us to micro frontends and to single-spa. @joeldenning, founder of single-spa and an expert on frontend technologies, will present a set of proposals for technical features of a modular frontend architecture.

  3. Attendee(s). @joeldenning, @dkayiwa, technical leaders of implementations/organizations eager for greater collaboration on web applications – e.g., AMPATH technical leadership (fyi @jdick), PIH technical leadership (fyi @mseaton), Jembi technical leadership (fyi @chris) – fyi: we plan to record and post to YouTube for anyone who cannot join

  4. Desired timing. We plan to hold this on Monday, 29 April (4-5p UTC design forum)


Hi everyone :wave:, I’ll be presenting at this one – excited to meet everyone and to collaborate with you.

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@jesplana @lilian, I think we should attend this one. ↑


@marslan8530 has been working in the community to review our existing information architecture in the wiki and identify pain points and areas where the architecture could be improved.

@marslan8530 will be presenting and discussing his work thus far with the community during the Design Forum today 4 November 2019 on Uberconference at 5pm UTC

Community members are invited to join.

cc: @jennifer @tendomart @gcliff


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cc : @jennifer

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Title: How to: organize an OpenMRS Outreach Guide This design call is to explore the best way to organize an outreach to sensitize the targeted community about OpenMRS. An Outreach is a predetermined visit executed by a member or members of OpenMRS focused on interesting the intended audience into contributing in different ways to OpenMRS . We will explore:

  1. Who should organize or get involved in an outreach.
  2. What components ( e.g. information, other material) should be shared in an outreach.
  3. How should an outreach be conducted?
  4. When or how often should these outreaches be organized?

@jennifer @jwnasambu @gracebish @dkayiwa @ssmusoke

Day: Monday 18th May, 2020 Time: 9:30pm IST | 7pm Nairobi | 6pm Cape Town | 4pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 10am Seattle*

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We need to find a time to continue the discussion about OCL interoperability that @ball kicked off a few days ago.

Title: OCL Interoperability with OpenMRS Production Deployments

Description: We need a common understanding and high level approach for OCL and OpenMRS interoperability beyond the subscription module. There’s good progress toward MVP of OCL for OpenMRS, but for PIH and deploying/updating production systems, this must include this full “happy path” from OCL -> Code -> OpenMRS Implementations. Is it possible to support Initializer (‘Iniz’) compatible csv format? Is this a good approach?

Attendees: @ball @paynejd @raff @akanter @mogoodrich @mseaton @burke @dkayiwa @mksd @ssmusoke @bistenes @grace @michaelbontyes @karuhanga @jdick

Desired Timing: Please use this poll to indicate your preferred date/time:

  • Monday, July 6 at 7pm EAT | 4pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle
  • Wednesday, July 8 at 5pm EAT | pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 10am Boston | 7am Seattle
  • Wednesday, July 8 at 9pm EAT | 6pm UTC | 2pm Boston | 11am Seattle

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Doesn’t the Wed at 10am Boston time conflict with the OCL call itself?

I could possibly do the Monday time but would have to move two meetings…

Out of curiosity, can’t we get 15/20 min of the OCL call itself to discuss this, or do people think that we need more time right away?

Maybe a full one-hour design forum could come next. Just an idea.

@mksd that was original suggestionl, but I think the feeling of others was that they didn’t want to try to cram too much into the OCL call. I still think it would make sense to discuss as part of the OCL call, but I’m happy either way, as long as the right people are in attendance.

Condition List UI

The Condition List UI in core apps has been 90% ready-to-go for awhile now, and we’d like to get it over the finish line. However, that 10% that isn’t complete could potentially lead to a rabbit hole and lead to a lot of rework.

Can we have a design call to resolve these issues?

In particular, see the Talk thread here:

Attendees (just some suggestions, all welcome!)

@ball @burke @mksd @jteich @jdick

Take care, Mark


@mogoodrich sure we need to discuss this, especially that conditions can now link to encounters.

@mksd thanks… @burke had a very helpful post here Condition List Implementation that I think clarifies things a lot for me… still worth a design discussion though…

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