Problem with Bahmni appointment UI

Hi, i am new i installed bahmni which is running fine on centos but i noticed that the bahmni appointment UI does not appear at the home page. Please i need your help.

Thank you

@jess you need to configure it under /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/home/extension.json use any editor like nano or vi and add this at the end: “appointmentScheduling”: { “id”: “bahmni.appointment.scheduling”, “extensionPointId”: “org.bahmni.home.dashboard”, “type”: “link”, “translationKey”: “MODULE_LABEL_APPOINTMENT_SCHEDULING_KEY”, “url”: “…/…/appointments”, “icon”: “fa fa-calendar”, “order”: 14, “requiredPrivilege”: “app:appointments” }

kindly refer to this to grab concept: Appointments Scheduling Module also you can check this on github it have some configuration for extension.json extension.json


@jeremie.ukudwa thank you for the reply, the appointment Scheduling module is already configured under that path /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/home/extension.json

Bahmni Appointments Module

kindly check this…

@jeremie.ukudwa , @jtukey it works. thank you a lot