Bahmni Appointments Module


I have successfully added the appointment module to OpenMRS. I can see it in OpenMRS but cannot see it on the dashboard off the Bahmni home, let alone use it.

I followed the instructions in here: but it still won’t show up in Bahmni. doesn’t seem to be able to offer much as “…page is In-Progress …”.

Kindly assist me get this up and running in Bahmni.


This page here mentions the steps needed:

You may need to give privilege “App: appointmentschedulingui.home”, to the user (via a Role) in OpenMRS.

Maybe someone can reply to this question with exact steps to add a privilege to a role in OpenMRS.

@sravanthi17 has created a video recording explaining how to associate privileges/role to a user. This should maybe help you fix the issue for appointment module, by giving the “App: appointmentschedulingui.home” privilege to user.

Video link:

Hi Gsluthra,

Many thanks for the video link.

I had not created the “App: appointmentschedulingui.home” privilege in OpenMRS. As soon as I created and assigned it to the user, the appointment icon showed up on the Bahmni home page.

However, I am wondering what could be wrong? because when I click on the appointment icon, the url changes to “https://localhost/openmrs/appointmentschedulingui/” and the error below is generated.

UI Framework Error

Ekow, have you added both the appointmentscheduling and appointmentschedulingui modules?

-Darius (by phone)

Thanks Darius for your prompt reply.

I have added the appointmentscheduling module but can’t seem to find the appointmentschedulingui module when i search thru the module repository.

Please can you point me to the location of the appointmentschedulingui module so I can download it?

I found it eventually. Thanks again Darius! My Bahmni Appointment module is working now.

I downloaded and installed the Appointment Scheduling UI Module (, in OpenMRS.

Please note: I had to download and install the following modules before it finally worked.

  1. Core Apps Module (

  2. HTML Form Entry Modules: ( ( (

  3. App UI Module (

Thanks Gsluthra! Thanks Darius!!


I think the steps in must be updated / appended with the following additional steps:

Download and install the following modules in OpenMRS:

  1. Core Apps Module -

  2. HTML Form Entry Modules:

  1. App UI Module -

  2. Appointment Scheduling UI Module -

  3. Appointment Scheduling -

When one is done with the above, proceed with below in OpenMRS:

  1. Under Administration, manage privileges, Add Privileges "App: appointmentschedulingui.home. You can add the description “Bahmni Appointment Scheduling privilege”.

  2. Either create a Role and assign the “App: appointmentschedulingui.home” privilege to it then assign this role to a given/chosen user or add the “App: appointmentschedulingui.home” privilege to an existing role of your choice.

(In my case I did the former by adding a new role called “Bah-Appointments” and gave it a suitable description “Ability to handle Appointments”. I then assigned the “App: appointmentschedulingui.home” privilege to the newly created role “Bah-Appointments”. Finally, I added the “Bah-Appointments” role to selected users and viola!!!

I stand to be corrected though!!! :slightly_smiling:

Hi all,

I have a funny situation here.

I am able to use all the functions below listed:

  1. Manage Service Types
  2. Manage Appointment Blocks
  3. Manage Appointments
  4. Daily Appointments

However, Daily Appointments doesn’t show me any list of appointments even though I have scheduled valid appointments.

Pls how do I go around this one?

@ekowkoomson1 Were you able to fix your issues around Appointment module? Or are you still unable to list appointments?

Hi Gsluthra,

No I have not been able to fix it as yet and I am still waiting for a favourable response from the forum.

I pray I get one soon.

I very much appreciate your concern.


Hi, I configured Appointment Module in Bahmni with the help of the steps you mentioned. And these are the few steps I did. And its working fine.

  1. Add Reporting Rest Module -

  2. Run below Queries manually,

    *  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM person_attribute_type where name = 'Telephone Number';
        If the result set is empty then run the below query,
         INSERT INTO person_attribute_type (name, description, format, searchable, creator, date_created, retired, sort_weight, uuid) VALUES ('Telephone Number', 'Telephone Number', 'java.lang.String', '0', 1, now(), 0, 3, uuid());
    *  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM person_attribute_type where name = 'Unknown patient';
        If the result set is empty then run the below query,
         INSERT INTO person_attribute_type (name, description, format, searchable, creator, date_created, retired, sort_weight, uuid) VALUES ('Unknown patient', 'Unknown Patient', 'java.lang.String', '0', 1, now(), 0, 3, uuid());

Below is the screenshot showing scheduled appointments for the patient Test CloseVisit

(vagrant version 1.8.1, java version 1.8.0_45, OpenMRS 1.12.0-SANPSHOT)

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The Appointments module is working for me too now, thanks to you guys.

As i noticed that, when any we click on the “Appointments” button on the Bahmni home page, we get 4 options as displayed by this page. LINK

and it redirects inside openmrs. So when we click the HOME ICON , we go to the OpenMRS home page rather than the Bahmni home page. So for a User who fixes an appointment, he/she cannot click on the home button to go back to the Bahmni home page. Instead he/she will have to change the URL in the adresss bar of the browser.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to change this such that , it redirects to the Bahmni home itself. Thank you


@deepakrv Currently, the appointment module of openmrs is not directly tied to Bahmni UI. One of our customers is also asking for Appointment scheduling module and in near future we might support a better integration of it with Bahmni. I can’t point to any mingle cards yet, but will update this thread once I get some visibility on it.

To answer your question, there is no direct way to navigate from OpenMRS Appointment scheduling UI to Bahmni UI as of now.

@bharath Thank you for the reply

Since the Bahmni evolves, I’m trying to read all the forum posts that are still valid and what has changed already. One question is the Bahmni own install scripts: can I use those for installing this appointment module?

I have an internet connection but not very good, so I would not like to download to my computer and then to the server (Centos in Digital Ocean) but rather using a command to get the needed files to the server and install them.

I found this: It says “download and add” omod files. What is the best command for that? I’m used with ubuntu servers, rather than Centos, and Bahmni is new to me, so I would like to know the best install commands from the beginning and not start testing by myself and break the system.

…and what are the username and password that the bahmni install scripts has put in the default DATABASE install (mysql and postresql)? Where do I find them?

Thanks in advance for the tips!

To download directly on to a remote server, you can login into the remote server via ssh, and then use the curl -O [url-to-download] command to download the remote file to the location from where you fired the command.

To download a particular omod, you open the page in your browser, and right click on the “Download” link on the page, and choose “Copy Link Address” so that the download URL is copied into your clipboard. Then fire the following command in your remote server’s console, in the appropriate folder:

curl -O

Screenshot of OMOD page:

Screenshot of Download command:

You will need to do this for each omod file.

With regards to DB credentials, please refer to this page. If you didn’t change the creds during installation, then this page mentions the default creds:

Thanks! I guess I need to move these into the openmrs modules folder in order to get them to be installed? I downloaded all already as adviced above.

I moved into the openmrs module folder and got 4 errors but I thought I can fix them by adding the priviledges and restarting Openmrs but it didn’t solve it.

The errors that the OpenMRS admin panel gives are following:

There was an error starting the module: HTML Form Entry Mark this Alert as Read Mark as Read There was an error starting the module: HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS 1.9 Module Mark this Alert as Read Mark as Read There was an error starting the module: HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration Module Mark this Alert as Read Mark as Read There was an error starting the module: Appointment Scheduling UI Module

Please fix all errors and try again. javax.el.ELException: Error reading ‘links’ on type org.openmrs.module.metadatamapping.web.extension.html.AdminList org.openmrs.api.context.ServiceContext.getService( org.openmrs.api.context.Context.getService( org.openmrs.module.metadatamapping.web.extension.html.AdminList.getLinks(

[this continues many lines of text after this]

Just noticed that after this Appointment installation, I can’t access the whole Bahmni home page (the one with the icons). It just gives this: There was an unexpected issue on the server. Please try again
The requested information does not exist

I checked that the file extension.json has these rows and they seem ok already:

“appointments”: { “id”: “bahmni.appointments”, “extensionPointId”: “org.bahmni.home.dashboard”, “type”: “link”, “translationKey”: “MODULE_LABEL_APOOINTMENTS_KEY”, “url”: “…/…/openmrs/appointmentschedulingui/”, “icon”: “fa fa-calendar”, “order”: 11, “requiredPrivilege”: “App: appointmentschedulingui.home” }

Should I get a status of this module by writing: sudo service appointments status

It says: appointments: unrecognized service