Problem Statement and possibilities for Concept Overrides

Continuing the discussion from [SOLVED] Changing the Preferred name for CIEL Concepts:

The problem statement is need for ability override the default concept name on the UI and in the back end for SQL queries. Current approaches in HTML form entry (using form labels), and the message overrides (ui framework) only provide the concept name overrides within the UI, however for any querying via SQL, the users have to keep checking the ui contents which may not always be possible.

Options discussed with @akanter and @darius

  1. Add a concept_name_tag which can be used by implementors, but not pushed up to CIEL when OCL becomes available.

  2. Consider using a separate table for the concept name overrides for implementors

Irrespective of approach, the UI (Ref App and OWA infrastructure) need to be updated to support the overrides.

Looking forward to hearing additional inputs

Are you doing sql queries based on concept names?

@dkayiwa in some cases yes, so its important to have the metadata in the database match the usage in the forms. Also in the Encounter details view the preferred name is used so at times the data looks funny