Print Forms - Print All Patient Forms

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(Jinal Sanghavi) #1

Hi all,

Our team is developing a functionality where one will be able to take print out of the forms, and fill them or refer to them offline. This will be a plug-able module on Bahmni. More details are in this Google doc: We look forward to your feedback

(justine etaku) #2

Hello @jinal, installed the module on my vagrant, created v1 form but I seem not to see on the print module.

Could the module also print the filled out forms?

Thank you

(Jinal Sanghavi) #3


We haven’t completed this functionality as yet. Please give us a few weeks and it will be more functionally adept.

On the other question, the objective of this module is to print the blank forms to enable paper based filling of the forms. This module is not the correct place to print a filled up form.

cc: @pramidat

(justine etaku) #4

@jinal thank you for the feedback. Our use case required the clinicians to enter the data, save it into the database, then print the form for filing. Thank you