How can i print ANC observation form ?


I just want to print ANC observation form in a customized format . Currently it is not showing such option to print. How can i make it printable ?

If is there any way to achieve this please help me. Thanks and Regards.

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No print feature for Forms 1.0 (if you referring to example ANC obs form bundled with demo/default bahmni). Forms 2.0 will bring this feature. but in future 0.93 release only. @jinal @snehabagri you guys were working on this right?

Hi @rajeebrasak & @angshuonline, yes our team built the functionality to print the forms 1.0, for inputing data on paper/offline. However, this will be a blank template (as the one attached). You can refer to this talk : Print Forms - Print All Patient Forms for more context

CC: @swedhan @snehabagri

PrintForms1.pdf (69.7 KB) PrintForms2.pdf (44.0 KB)

@jinal Is this feature available in v.92 ? If it is there where i can find it ??

Hi @rajeebrasak - this is not available in Bahmni Product. It was a custom development effort, as @snehabagri was referring to earlier. If you would like to use it, I suggest we get on a call and decide on next steps.

CC: @swedhan

It is yet to be merged to product, and currently few parts might be very specific to our use case.

Hi @jinal,we are looking for this feature also for our implementation in Nigeria. We need to be able to print out obs forms