Preparing for Q1 2017 Radar

Continuing the discussion from Join the OpenMRS Technology Radar team:

So, we should be thinking about updates for our Q1 2017 OpenMRS Tech Radar soon.

  • I’ve copied our Q4 2016 data into a Q1 2017 worksheet on our spreadsheet.

  • I added GitBook to the list per Darius’ suggestion.

  • I’ve tried out the new open-source tool Darius mentioned that ThoughtWorks released to allow creation of radars. It’s pretty simple to trial. You change a few column names and it just works.

    $ git clone
    $ cd build-your-own-radar
    $ docker run -p 8080:8080 -v $PWD:/app -w /app -it node:7.3.0 \
             /bin/sh -c 'npm install && npm run dev'
  • I made a new OpenMRS icon for the radar. What do you think?

  • I created a Technology Radar group in Talk.

Next steps…

  • Solicit suggestions for new technology to consider.

  • Schedule our next meetup. I’m optimistic Do we want to use an upcoming design forum or developer forum?

  • Get someone to figure out how to deploy ThoughtWork’s build-your-own-radar in a way (e.g., using their factory.js) that…

    • :white_check_mark: (required) Publishes our radar data (instead of asking for a URL or using a parameter in the request URL) via docker
    • :white_check_mark: (desirable) Uses data from a specific worksheet (so we can continue adding a worksheet to the same spreadsheet each quarter)
    • :white_check_mark: (optional) Tweaked to use our own branding
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I suggest you just pick a call to schedule this for. Design or Dev is fine by me. :slight_smile: