Potential OpenMRS incompatibility with latest release of Java 8

Just as a heads up, we ran into an issue today where the PIH EMR servers all of sudden started to crash on startup… we have most of our servers doing automatic updates and tracked down the issue to the latest release of Java on Ubuntu (release 222) which evidently went out as an update in the past day or two.

It’s unclear exactly what caused the issue, but the Reporting module started having trouble deserializing some reports in the serialized_object table. We suspect a security patch affected the XStreams ability to operate in “enhanced” mode (see https://x-stream.github.io/faq.html#Compatibility)

It’s unclear if and how this might impact other distros, but wanted to give everyone a heads up.

We are currently working on a fix in the reporting module and hope to have in and released in the coming days.

Take care, Mark

fyi @mseaton


we were working on this issue , but the core seems very incompatible with java 11 and above. probably java 9 was fairly compatible.

see some issues