Porting Order Entry UI to ReactJS and adding it to the reference application?

I recently overheard a conversation about adding Order Entry support to the reference application (e.g. this ought to be harvested from Bahmni, which is much more advanced on this front).

I understand that there’s a team of Andela devs about to be onboarded who need a project. So, having only thought about this briefly, I propose that this team do an initial implementation of Drug Order Entry for the reference application. (I assume that as usual this would be in an OWA built in React.)

This requires an actual problem definition, so I propose one of two things:

  1. In 2014-15 I wrote on an Order Entry UI module, with some design help from @jteich. I think it was quite slick, but I never quite managed to finish it because I was blocked on trying to get some Angular autocompletes to work for me when repopulating existing data into a form. One approach is to reimplement this UI in a React OWA, and make further tweaks as suggested by testing. (Plus there’s a need to add things like Order Sets and placing Test Orders.)
  2. ThoughtWorks researched and built mockups for a redesign of the Medication tab in Bahmni. I’m looking into whether I can find and share this. These are a lot better-researched than my module was, but perhaps they’re too large in scope. The team could implement the start of this feature (as a standalone OWA for the refapp, as opposed to being within the Bahmni clinical consultation UI).


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Just wanted to add that some great work was done here by @beapen to improve the React boilerplate.

Here is this analysis document. We should take a call as to whether we want to try to adapt this design to the Reference Application, or do the simpler Order Entry UI rewrite.

FYI @geofrocker has done their kickoff post. (It was originally in the #software:add-on-modules category but I have moved it to #dev to give it higher visibility.)

@darius, I interacted with the current Order Entry UI module, and I have a question. Please help me understand the workflow for adding a frequency. From the documentation, there is no UI yet for adding orderFrequency. We did it through the database however, I would like to know the workflow for adding an orderFrequency.

@flavia, I never got as far as building an administrative UI for this. As a placeholder I had the activator for that module automatically configure and create based on the CIEL dictionary, which you can see here:

In other words if you have the CIEL dictionary installed, and then you start this module, it should autocreate the frequencies for you.

The correct approach would be to have a screen that lets the administrator manage their list of frequencies, and also to configure the frequencyPerDay field, which I skipped.

We started work to customize the module for KenyaEMR though we had to stop due to other competing tasks.