Platform 2.1.2 Release Tentative Date

Am gonna be a bit more careful. :slight_smile:

@irenyak1 are we releasing today?

yes very hopeful

That will be awesome!!! :smile:

The build is done in CI but only the folder is found in Platform 2.1.2 folder. There’s no “readme.txt” and “openmrs.war”

Still I’m not in position to edit anything on the info 'i" button as per these instructions

12. In the file listing page on Sourceforge, open the recently released version, click the info “i” button next to the standalone to expand the details of the uploaded ZIP file. For “Download Button”, type “OpenMRS Platform 2.0.5 Standalone”. Under “Default Download For:” check all the option boxes. Click “Save” to save the settings.

@dkayiwa please may you help me on this so that I may release this version tonight?

This is at sourceforge.

Create the readme.txt and i will upload it for you.

ok, how about the ‘war’

Unless @raff reminds us of the automated way, we could just download from and upload to sourceforge.

Are you done with the readme?

Been looking at this page too. Trying to compare these war files with those of other releases. Thank God they are the ones. Still on the Readme.txt file.

I sent the files last night. Thanks. Today the release has to be out as everything is now set! :slight_smile:

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@irenyak1 Well done!!!


I was deadly confused as well, I suppose because it didn’t even occur to me that core and platform were two different things, even if I’m pretty sure this has been explained to me two or three times already :joy: :joy:

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@irenyak1well done