Platform 2.1.2 Release Tentative Date

Hello members, I’m delighted to let you know that the tentative date for the release of Platform 2.1.2 is December 20 2017. There is a whole lot of bug fixes and new features in it that you can not afford to miss. We look forward to this software.


Great to hear, @irenyak1! Could you update accordingly?

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@irenyak1 how is this going? Are we ready to release on the 20th as planned?

Hello Devs, the 13 issues for Platform 2.1.2 are closed, though TRUNK-4868 still shows that it is ‘Under Review’. I request for your guidance on my next steps so that we hit the deadline for the release. Thank you.

@irenyak1 all tickets in the release have a JIRA status of closed. I remember we discussed it the other day. So do not wait for anything. Just go ahead with the release.

@dkayiwa that’s why I’m asking for the next step i should take. Because am a bit stuck on what I should do next.

@irenyak1 here are the steps to follow:

Just jump straight to the section under “Steps to follow for all releases:”

Feel free to ask for clarification if any of those steps is not clear. Do not get blocked and keep silent because we are left with only tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Thanks you @dkayiwa, surely I’ve been following that link, however on this page I get an error

" You cannot edit the configuration of this project". i have created a case at the help desk.

These steps some how confuse me; Steps 4, 10 and 17d. Does it mean i have to release from all those three places for the release to be finally done ?

As for creating a new version for the next release (step 3), you can skip. This is simply because it was already created.

Step 4, you only need to click the “Release” button on the top right hand side of this page

Step 10, you need to release from CI by clicking the “Play” icon next to the Release stage on the left menu for this build

Step 17 looks like a duplicate for step 4 or simply the detailed instructions for step 4

Could it be that my page at is a bit different from yours? This is how mine is and can not trace “Release” on it

I have given you the necessary permissions. Can you refresh that page and see if the Release button shows up?

Yes i can now see the release button thanks.

Hello Devs, which bundled modules are included in Platform 2.1.2? Are there any database changes when upgrading from 2.0.6 to this version?

On, what is the appropriate option for me to choose, these are the options given; Release -with no build -with new build -with existing build

And on, Do I have to click ‘Override a variable’ or just straight away click ‘Run’ ?


@irenyak1 you do not have to override any variable because they are set to the correct values. So just run.

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After releasing from CI by clicking the run button above, you will create a pull request to this repository and change these versions as below: to 2.1.2 to 2.21.0 to 1.8.1 to 1.8.0

Those are the bundled modules. The pull request ensures that we are using the latest released version of each.

Ask for help as soon as you are blocked. The goal is to release by tomorrow.

Thank you so much for the guidance. About the current CIEL version, i sent Andrew Kanter an email as per the instruction though he hasn’t got back to me. Is there another way I can access the current CIEL version without waiting for Andrew Kanter?

@irenyak1 i think @raff already did it, a few days ago, with this commit

So you can skip the CIEL step.

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I have made the pull request and made the necessary changes, should I go ahead and merge it or you are going to do it? :slight_smile:

I can’t find Platform 2.1.2 as a latest release on the list of releases on this page, could there be something i haven’t done right?

@dkayiwa I dont seem to be making progress as per instruction 12. In the file listing page on Sourceforge, open the recently released version, click the info “i” button next to the standalone to expand the details of the uploaded ZIP file. For “Download Button”, type “OpenMRS Platform 2.0.5 Standalone”. Under “Default Download For:” check all the option boxes. Click “Save” to save the settings. my sourceforge page does not give me an option of editing after I have clicked “i”.

Could it be that i don’t have some previleges? This is blocking me!