Platform 2.1.0 roadmap

Do we have a roadmap for platform 2.1.0? What remaining features need to be implemented and when is the release date?

We’ve recently completed Platform 2.1.0 sprint, which addressed a number of issues. We’ve also completed TRUNK-425 Lucene Patient Search. Is there anything else left?

@raff I tried to work on the liquibase upgrade to 3.5.x but there seems to be lots of code dependencies which need to be updated, is this something that can be added?

@ssmusoke your suggestion looks appropriate! :slight_smile:

On today’s design forum we talked about improving the Patient Merge functionality in Platform 2.1. (Particularly we should allow modules to plug in pre- and post-merge actions, and we should separate checking records to see if they can be merged from doing the actual merge.) There is a Bahmni implementation team that will create a ticket for this at some point (@karrtikiyer).

Bahmni will want to make some improvements to the domain model, including introducing Condition Lists, but we’re not yet sure if these should happen in a module first, or if we’re ready to put them in openmrs-core. I’ll have more to say on this front in 3 weeks after I’m back from an India trip.

Okay. What about the release date? I can’t find anywhere on the wiki how often we are supposed to be releasing the platform.

@raff i have tried to look for where we documented this but was not successful. We generally agreed to have at least one major platform release per year. Though this can always be adjusted according to circumstances and needs.

@raff I just created another ticket for the platform 2.1 roadmap: adding Encounter Diagnoses to the core data model