Platform 1.10.4 Standalone release

Hello all–

So I successfully cut the 1.10.4 release of Platform on Monday, and today, after working out some access issues to Source Forge, have posted the war there. The one thing remaining, I believe, before we can officially announce the release is to create the 1.10.4 Platform standalone.

I started following the instructions to build the standalone ( but frankly found them confusing and was running into some issue with them right off the bat. I was wondering if anyone more familiar with the standalone release process could either improve the documentation or walk me through it. Alternatively, if anyone wants to just go ahead and take care of it, I’d happily buy them a few bottles of Tiger at OMRS16. :slight_smile: @dkayiwa @raff @wyclif

Take care, Mark

Peeking at that README file, I got lost at the 4th bullet point of the Quick Summary. These docs should be rewritten (probably from scratch), so that someone releasing a standalone for the first time can follow them.

It has been a while since i last tried this out. By doing just the first three bullet points? Are you able to have a standalone zip in your target folder?

Thanks @dkayiwa. So, I ran mvn clean mvn package -Dopenmrs.version=1.10.4 and ended up with a standalone zip in my target directory. I fired it up and it started. So is that it then? If so, I will simplify the instructions… :slightly_smiling:

Take care, Mark

That should be it if you are not interested in updating the CIEL dictionary. Else if you want to update it too, you will need to email @akanter to get the latest and overwrite the “mvp-data.sql” file in the standalone folder. Then run mvn clean package -Dopenmrs.version=1.10.4 again.

This shouldn’t be Mark’s decision.

What is our standard process for maintenance releases?

I have cross checked at and it looks like maintenance releases do not mention anything about updating CIEL.

Should they?

I guess at least as long as we don’t backslide in the CIEL version included in between 1.10.3 and 1.10.4 it’s fine.

I think if Andy has released any 1.10.x line of CIEL that is newer than in 1.10.3, i would lean towards updating it.

What actually is the MVP-data.sql? First, the name probably should be changed unless MVP stands for minimum viable product :). Is there a sql script which dumps/transforms the CIEL database just to the concepts included in the standalone? Can we create this script as an OCL package so that it is easily subsetted or added-to before the initial standalone startup?

@akanter mvp-data.sql is just rename of the file you distribute. :smile:

I see, so this is the entire concept dictionary and there are internal scripts which reduce this down to the number of concepts actually in the standalone. I do think we need to rename the file to CIEL-data.sql as it is not MVP.

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A rename makes sense!

Not exactly. In this specific case we are talking about a release of OpenMRS Platform. The platform itself doesn’t include any dictionary, but when you run the standalone for the first time you can choose between Empty Database, Demo Data, and Starter Implementation.

This last one (“Starter Implementation”) includes the full CIEL dictionary.

It’s the Reference Application that includes a subset of the CIEL dictionary in even its most minimal installation.

Oh, I thought we were talking about the reference app. If it is the platform I really should give a special build which includes the drug table. I exclude that from the dropbox release in case people have their own drug tables. One could append the drug SQL with the concept SQL now, though…

For what it’s worth, I just posted the 1.10.4 standalone as-is. Looks like we need a process for figuring out when and how to update the included CIEL data.

Looking at the openmrs-standalone repository, I see that the mvp-data.sql file was last modified Jul 14, 2014, and clearly using a 1.5-year-old version of CIEL is not ideal.

@maurya, @dkayiwa, can you please (either yourself or by delegating) ensure that the instructions for releasing the standalone are clear and simple, with the specific goals being that:

  • an experienced developer (but inexperienced releaser) doing a maintenance release can properly release the standalone in <1 day without needing to ask for help?
  • releases include a modern CIEL

Also, please interface (or delegate this) with Andy about including drugs in the “starter implementation”.

The practice has been not to commit the big CIEL dictionary to the repository. So whoever has been releasing the standalone was bundling with the latest local copy from Andy. @maurya or @maany do you think you can update the instructions basing on your latest experience with the standalone?

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Bullet 4 in the readme file needs to be updated to not mention 1.8 since it is end of life.

I think it’s not a good idea to commit the CIEL file, it is too large and only gets used for one version