Improving documentation about building the Standalone

Continuing the discussion from Platform 1.10.4 Standalone release:

Let me reiterate my request more explicitly (and also bring this over to a dedicated thread):

I think this current documentation for how to build the standalone is completely inadequate for its purpose. (I completely understand how it got to be that way over time.)

Someone should restructure/rewrite this documentation from scratch (with a target audience being an experienced OpenMRS developer doing a maintenance release of the platform, but who has never built the standalone before).

This ought to be coordinated by @maurya (as the release manager manager), and I guess that @maurya, @maany, @dkayiwa, and @wyclif would have things to contribute. (And Wyclif made some specific comments on the thread this is forked from.)

(But please don’t just make minor modification. It really needs serious work!)


Thanks for starting the new thread Darius, just seeing this now.

As i mentioned in the previous thread, if someone rewrites the documentation I am willing to “Beta test” it by re-releasing the 1.10.4 standalone (assumedly with an updated CIEL dictionary).


Great! I too support getting better documentation for standalone. I had to trouble @wyclif a couple of times over skype to get it right, I will definitely update the instructions for the standalones for Platform releases based on how I did it for Platform 2.0.

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Agree with you, @mogoodrich and @maany on improving the documentation. The release process for Reference Application Standalone includes selecting a subset of CIEL and packaging them directly through Bamboo. I updated this in the reference application release process. Unfortunately, I have not gone through a platform release cycle and would be interested to be in the next one to better understand the process.

@maany :+1: for taking the initiative to improve the platform release process.

I will followup with others who have gone through a platform release cycle like - @dkayiwa, @wyclif and @k_joseph and see if they can add anything to the documentation that @maany has not included .

fyi, I have deleted the 1.10.4 standalone from sourceforge for now, just to avoid confusion with users downloading a standalone with an old version of the CIEL dictionary.

+1 for a better documentation. I will also beta test it with my custom release of platform 1.11.5.

@mogoodrich made specific comments here:

@maurya I have created:

for this. (Perhaps you want to claim this, as the coordinator, and document your followup work there.)


Claimed it. Will post my updates there.

@dkayiwa, @wyclif, @k_joseph,

@maany started creating the documentation for this task here.

Would you guys be able to take a look and update it where necessary?

@maurya, I don’t think there is enough information for people to follow just yet. I would be able to resume work on it post exams.

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Thanks @maurya, I really think there is some key extra details that need to be include that are mentioned in the readme file in the standalone, I actually thought you would take the read me file contents and try to build on that

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Thank you for pointing me to that. Will use that.

Hi, I have followed the documentation of openmrs-standalone during the release process of 1.12.x. I am curious to get more details in this regard.

  1. The openmrs-standalone talks about various distributions - with demo data, without demo data and with empty database. What exactly is required for the final artifact in release point of view. Look at point 9 Beta Releases of Release Process.

I think it is it sufficient to just copy the latest_demo_data xml file and the CIEL Concepts and just run mvn clean package -Dopenmrs.version=1.12.0-beta . The user is prompted with an option to select the option at the time of exploring openmrs.

  1. The point 9 Beta Releases section, mentions about copying the bundledModules created in openmrs-platform-distro (Point 8) to openmrs-standalone/tomcat/webapps/openmrs-standalone.war/WEB-INF/bundledModules. The bundledModules configured currently are only. And none of previous releases (like 1.11.5, 1.10.3) has it bundled. Is this step required?

Help is very much appreciated.

Yes you are correct that the default standalone package will automatically have all the three distributions. As for bundled modules, yes it is required. Feel free to edit the documentation whenever you feel like its outdated.

Made the changes and merged at:

If you are still interested to beta test it and provide feedback with any changes, it would be really helpful.