Performance & Load Benchmarking

What tools, if any, have folks used for OpenMRS benchmarking in the past? E.g. have folks had experience with:

  • Lighthouse
  • Katalon
  • Blaze Meter

We would like to set up regular benchmarking in our O3 RefApp releases.

This timing feels right because of the recent esm-core-v5 upgrade (to dramatically improve performance). Also, recently Jen and I did the annual report to Digital Square about OpenMRS’ “Maturity Model” as a global good, and we don’t yet meet the “High” rating of Software Scalability because we don’t meet one of their requirements: “Performance and load testing is a part of routine releases and results are publicly available.” We aim for OpenMRS 3 to be a highly performant EMR useable at scale and in high volume, so regular benchmarking is just something we should have in place.