Patient's data migration from one bahmni instance to another

Hi Everyone, i’m planning to do data migration from an old version of Bahmni (version 0.86) to another Bahmni (version 0.92), since there is no upgrade procedure for this specific case. The bahmni UI gives the possibility to import patient’s data in CSV files. But there is no place where to export data in order to reimport it later.

Please can i have some guidance regarding this procedure ? Is there a module that allows to do it ?

I don’t see a sure shot easy way to do this. Here are some options to try:

Option1: Use these Manual upgrade steps

See: (Section: Upgrade to Bahmni 0.92)

Here, you are backing up all existing DBs (and files) and restoring them as-is for new Bahmni. When new Bahmni starts, it will “migrate” the DB (using Liquibase, it will automatically add missing columns, tables, etc).

Option2: Try this omod to create CSV exports

See this discussion: How can I export a patient's medical info from OpenMRS? - #3 by sarthak10